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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Gay Thursday: La Springfield's Influence

"Dusty Springfield's Son of a Preacher Man had been languishing on oldies radio playlists somewhere between The Hollies' Bus Stop and Petula Clark's I Know A Place. The weight of Springfield's shift from the pop act behind I Only Want To Be With You and Wishin' And Hopin' to the deep soul sound of her 1969 release Dusty In Memphis was a faded footnote in a Timi Yuro or Carly Simon biography.
If Adele's Rolling In The Deep marked the bitter end of a "rubbish relationship," Springfield's backyard walks with young Billy was its giddy, sexy, optimistic beginning. Once the mono-tracked version of Son Of A Preacher Man appeared in Pulp Fiction, it pushed that film's soundtrack into the Billboard 200, saved one of Tarantino's trademark scenes and introduced a generation of dorm room and house party regulars to female blue-eyed soul."

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Giovanni Vitacolonna said...

Well, the only thing I strongly disagree with is the discounting of Dusty's strong soul performances prior to "Memphis" ~ too many examples to mention.