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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gay Thursday: Colton Ford Redux

This post is just to say how much respect there is for Colton Ford in these parts. Soon he'll show up in the work environs to help out with a PSA in addition to coming out for the meet and greet at Love Out Loud.

As the Walk and the fund-raiser approach, there are eight items available on eBay to help us out with raising funds. They are (1) Brokeback Moutain collector's edition from HX magazine, (2) the Love Out Loud commemorative t-shirt, (3) two Sheryl Lee Ralph autographed POZ magazines, (4) Three Law & Order:CI autographed scripts with head shots, and .(5) an autographed photo from Brandon Buddy of One Life to Live.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Wednesday Word: Contribution

Ilene Kristen and Thorsten Kaye got the ball rolling on 17 May 2006 at Prohibition and they're still here doing the good deeds they are both known for.

One entry found.

Entry Word: contribution
Function: noun
Text: a gift of money or its equivalent to a charity, humanitarian cause, or public institution
Synonymsalms, benefaction, beneficence, charity, donation, philanthropy
Related Wordsoffering, tithe; bequest, endowment, legacy; aid, assistance, relief, welfare; grant, subsidy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Talent: Timothy Scott, A Reason to Walk the Walk


One of the inspirations for participation in AIDS Walk is having known a talented person that went away much too soon. What follows is a post from the last three years about him followed by a letter written by him. He was a delightful person. Would that the universe would send us more like him.

Living in Florence, Italy provides an opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. It was especially true in that threshold of time when the decadent 70s were over and the world was on the verge of what might very well be called the greatest health crisis of the 20th century. In that small pocket of time it seems, in retrospect, that there were some idyllic experiences in spite of living in the onslaught of the world according to Ronald Reagan.

One of those happy times occurred when Timothy Scott arrived in the heart of Tuscany. He was a bundle of energy that simply wanted to enjoy everything around him. He was a dancer. He was a singer -- and that was only in his day to day life. He was also a professional performer.

The happy days included literally dancing down the cobbled streets singing, "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" with the best spontaneous choreography fueled by not too much Vernaccia, one of the best of the dry white Tuscans. Tim said he wanted to use the song for auditions. It was a blessing to inspire him just that much.

Tim was a happy blessing and the blessing carried over when he returned to the States where he joined the original cast of Cats.

The joyous culmination of knowing him came upon visiting New York and seeing him dance and sing gloriously as Mr. Mistoffelees.

Go here to read about Tim when he opened in Cats.

Given his chosen profession not hearing from Tim seemed a matter of course and was accompanied by the hope that his success was continuing.

Life of course went on and once that threshold was crossed into the Age of the "Gay Plague" so much of life as was known was forever changed.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt came to Philadelphia. There on the highest row was this panel:

Tim would be a magical cat forever.

The annual solidarity walk with those who have passed over and with those who live and thrive while the Plague is still with us has arrived again. This website and our team mates will once again ask for your support in helping to change the course of the epidemic. The face of it has changed over these past two decades and, therefore, it is time to remember the beautiful energy that was Tim and others like him. It is time to support those who are still with us in order to keep them with us until they lived to their fulfillment and ours.

Click on the AIDS Walk Banner at the top of this page to go the donation page. Thank you for your help thoughout the years.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musing: Evan Alex Cole

This young man is brand new to the legendary Soap Opera As the World Turns. His first air date is April 30. Soaps.com tells us that he "will play Hunter. The character will be thrown into the mix as Emily's new business partner. Will he shape up The Intruder? Or does he want to go even farther into the tabloid business? ... We will have to wait and see, but the storyline has definite questions that need to be answered." Although a relative newcomer, he has already created quite a buzz. His resume includes television, theater and film. Most notably he was part of Frank Langella'sA Man for All Seasons. We're looking forward to finding out more about him when he joins us for Love Out Loud.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stevie's Wonder

On the main site more Wonder! Melissa Manchester and B.J. Thomas in addition to Jean, Mary & Lynda.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Goodnight Sweet Beefcake

The eyes have it!

Main Beefcake Course: Kyle Clarke

Time For Lunch, This Beautiful Beecake Day

Nothing satisfies like a good old fashion Frittata. Nobody can make a frittata like a Sicilian. This is something simple and tasty from Sicilian Home Cooking.

Eggs, eight large
Pecorino, freshly grated, one quarter cup
Mint Leaves, fresh, finely chopped, one tablespoon
Sea Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil, one tablespoon
Sweet Butter, unsalted, two tablespoons
Zucchini, three small, very thin slices
Frying Pan, twelve inch

1. In a large bowl, beat the eggs vigorously add pecorino, mint and salt/pepper to taste.
2. Let the egg mixture rest at room temperature for ten minutes.
3. Heat the olive oil with one tablespoon of the butter.
4. Cook the zucchini over medium heat for about five minutes, turning often,
5. Add the remaining butter. Stir the egg mixture and pour over the zucchini. Stir very briefly over medium heat.
6. When the eggs begin to set, smooth the mixture evenly and cook over medium heat are no longer runny.
7. Place a flat lid over it. Now quickly and carefully invert the pan in order that the frittata falls inot the lid.
8. Slide the frittata back into the pan to cook the other side for a minute.

There are so many verbs, adverbs and adjectives in this recipe, it would be too easy to do the double entendre thing. These pics certainly speak for themselves, so to speak.

Midmorning Beefcake Snack

Something to go along with the fruit and cheese.

It's Saturday In New York: Good Morning Beefcake

Time to get up!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Might: One Life to Live's Mark Lawson

Mark Lawson has been featured here on Tuesday Talent as a member of ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, which is a very long title, but they've been doing it for five years and the last one was not without its moments. BethAnn Bonner reprised her excellent Bacharach to the Future performance of "Waiting for Charlie to Come Home" followed by what was for many the surprise of the evening, Mark Lawson's rendition of "Anthem" from Chess. Lawson's upper torso on One Life to Live is legendary. It is, therefore, easy to ignore other talents therein. Hence, when his beautiful voice blessed the audience with this beautiful piece, the reaction was palpable. One of his co-stars, Farah Fath had this to say in a recent interview: He is really intense, and I like to work with actors who take their work seriously. He is a true actor’s actor. He gets in there and finds the rawest place he can go. He does not care if it’s a big scene or small scene. He is committed. Mark was on contract from the beginning, but that does not really mean anything. I think they were really impressed with him, and he works really hard, does his homework, and I respect that. Lawson has fans in other cast members, among them Ilene Kristen who is no slouch in recognizing true talent. It's POZ's good fortune to have the exceptional Mr. Lawson with us on May 13th at Prohibition. His ever growing legion of fans will be very happy about that as well.

Be sure to check out the tshirt on this site. Those of you who are PayPal challenged, send an email to Giano: johnny@column-of-life.com. Of course, below the above AIDS Walk banner is a link to make donations to our team's efforts.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph is a woman who knows what she is about. She fills a room. She stopped by Smart + Strong today to help out with a video supporting the Denver Principles Project featured in the landmark 15th Anniversary issue. She is making appearances Friday & Saturday. While she may not be attending Love Out Loud, she is a tireless AIDS activist who graced the pages of POZ in October 2007. Be on the lookout for autographed copies of the magazine to go on auction soon. She has recently returned from a tour of Africa.

Friday, April 24, 2009
Abyssinian Baptist Church
132 Odell Clark Place (Formerly 138st)
New York, NY 10030
Presented by The Abyssinian Baptist Church, Canaan Baptist Church, Convent Avenue Baptist Church, St. Philip's Episcopal Church, The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Bronx Alumnae Chapter

Saturday, April 25, 2009
Church Alive Community Church
1201 Findlay Ave (167th & 168th Streets)
Bronx, NY 10456
Presented by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Bronx Alumnae Chapter and The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS

Catch Bob Ickes' POZ article here.

Gay Thursday: George Carrancho

As National Sales & Marketing Manager-LGBT Community, George Carrancho is a member of American Airlines' unique Rainbow TeAAm which focuses on marketing and outreach for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community. The American Airlines Rainbow TeAAm is considered the nation’s first dedicated LGBT sales team at a Fortune 500 corporation. Through their work, and the leadership of American Airlines management, the airline is one of only 13 corporations in the U.S. that have earned perfect marks each year from the Human Rights Campaign through its Corporate Equality Index.

Carrancho works closely with national and local LGBT organizations and businesses, ensuring that American Airlines remains the premier airline of choice for LGBT travelers worldwide. Carrancho and Betty Young helped spearhead and launch American’s dedicated LGBT microsite, another first in the airline industry.

During his 15 years with AA and subsidiary divisions, Carrancho served in a variety of marketing positions, interacting with many of AA's top travel clients while in New York City. He is now based at AA's corporate headquarters near DFW International Airport. The South Texas native is a 1993 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Studies. He is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.

He currently serves on the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Corporate Advisory Committee, Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Diversity Sub-committee, Lambda Legal Leadership Council, on the Board of Directors for the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and represents American Airlines’ Gay Employee Resource Group on the Diversity Advisory Council with American’s 16 other ERGs.

He definitely wears a white hat and has been very helpful with Bacharach to the Future and Love Out Loud

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Word: Carrie Prejean, Your God is Too Small

Just wait until next pageant when she wants her hair and make-up done.

Buy the book here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Talent: Melissa Claire Egan

Melissa Claire Egan of All My Children practically the first person to walk through the door two years ago for POZ AIDS Walk fund-raiser Love Out Loud and will be with us again this year. She is quite fortunate in so many ways, three of them are having the opportunity to work with three fine men on her show: Cameron Mathison, Matt Walton and Billy Miller. Perhaps the good fortune was all theirs.

At the age of 12, Melissa debuted on All My Children as an extra only to return as the very adult Annie McDermott, mother to Ryan Lavery’s daughter and romantic interest for the handsome devil. Originally from Bedford, New York, Miss Egan grew up with an extensive background in musical theatre. While still a child, she began booking national television commercials and was signed by the Ford Modeling Agency. Ford did indeed have a better idea in the University of North Carolina Dramatic Arts major. Not resting on her laurels from her experience at Chaple Hill, "Missy" studied Shakespeare at the British American Drama Academy at Oxford, England. Her television credits include One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek. She is well-loved by her cast mates. She seems to be having fun as the now whacky Annie. We’re grateful that she intends to sweeten the atmosphere at Prohibition for the fund raiser meeting and greeting the fans in attendance for a charmed third time.

Michael Tomasetti steps up!

Through the generosity of a Thorsten Kaye fan (Diane Nilsen), this year Love Out Loud has a signature t-shirt.

It is available on line for 21.95. Payment through PayPal They will be available at the event for $25.

Good guy Michael Tomasetti graciously took some time out to model for us.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dan Daly at Caterina's

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Music Redux: Thomas, Vee and Pitney from 2005

Those who inherited the mantles of the 50s teen idols during the Beatle Era 1963-1970 were three very talented young men with a very eclectic approach to music. All three had some connection to Country in varying degrees but could cross the river into more or less soulful territory in varying degrees. All three have a connection to Burt Bacharach’s music in varying degrees. All three endure professionally to varying degrees.

During the 60s Gene Pitney, B.J. Thomas and Bobby Vee carried on in spite of Beatlemania or, as some might say, because of it. The adage goes something like: huge record sales for one artist or band are good for everybody in the business. Is that why the 60s are a kind of Renaissance for Popular Music? It probably began in 1956, but the message here is that technological advances coupled with new musical advances gleaned from an artistic reservoir for who knows why gave the World something new that enriched its cultural life. It may be a very long time before something like that happens again. The Beatles and Elvis were indeed pioneers; not without influences from the world around them. That they were catalysts may also be part of that equation.

Pitney, Thomas and Vee have their female counterparts in the likes of Jackie DeShannon and Dusty Springfield. DeShannon and Springfield were given the Wexler-Dowd-Marin treatment: “the sound is Memphis, a pop-country-soul blend that comes about as close as you can get to defining the mainstream in contemporary music.” [Stephen Holden] Only one of the three talented men came close to achieving those heights in a similar artistic endeavour. Column started a section entitled Neglected Masterpieces on the main site, inspired by Rolling Stone’s reviews of days gone by. It might also be called “Unpopular Music,” because it isn’t necessarily populated by commercially viable recordings, or even existent recordings. Dusty in Memphis was a commercial flop, although “Son of a Preacher Man” did manage to make it as a single. However, it is now a classic recording and has afforded the extremely talented, albeit insecure Springfield a bona fide place in the annals of Rock/Pop history. B.J. Thomas, who incidentally did a duet with La Springfield on a TV Show theme no less, has given us a similar opus which was the last recording he did for Scepter Records, Billy Joe Thomas, containing the top twenty hit, “Rock and Roll Lullaby.”

What makes this kind of music essential if not quintessential is that all the elements are there. It’s not Lennon-McCartney or Brian Wilson but it is a great bouillabaisse of the musical sea that is American Pop. The intense search for a review from Rolling Stone was to no avail, but AMG gives us this positive review:

Michael Ofjord, All Music Guide
This 1972 album shows B. J. Thomas in good form, capable of intelligently handling a lyric, especially when given worthy material. One of the highlights of the album and Thomas' career is the hit "Rock and Roll Lullaby," which approximates some heavenly Beach Boys-type harmonies to give a subtle yet powerful reading to the tale of a young unwed mother. Adding some fine touches to the well-thought-out production is Duane Eddy on guitar and the Blossoms [Darlene Love's group] on backup vocals. Another cut worthy of special mention is Jimmy Webb's "A Song for My Brother." Thomas delicately sings about the lost innocence of youth, accompanied only by Webb's classically inspired piano playing. It is an intelligent, evocative song, and both singer and player complement each other perfectly. "The Stories We Can Tell," written by John Sebastian, is also an excellent number given special treatment by Pete Drake's subtle and effective steel guitar. There are a few weak moments on the album, such as the beginning of "Happier Than the Morning Sun," a Stevie Wonder tune that starts off dangerously close to MOR until being paradoxically saved by a Wonder harmonica solo. "Are We Losing Touch" also comes close to schmaltz territory, without much lyrical variation on the obvious theme. However, most of the songs are first-rate and arranged skillfully. Thomas himself has a gift for singing soulfully without apparent effort, swirling around lyrics with emotion yet rarely overstating or becoming excessively dramatic. That talent, along with the high quality of material and musicians presented here, makes for a highly listenable pop album.

These days most of Wonder’s classic material would be considered MOR perhaps. Wonder’s MOR is assuredly more listenable than much that is being produced now. “Rock and Roll Lullaby” takes the listener to a place that tells a story and creates an enduring musical recipe for the discernable palate. Not without additional analogy to handmade pasta, it is delicate yet ultimately satisfying. Thomas’ achievement in no way diminishes the music produced by Pitney and Vee. It actually gives it perspective. Both of those men have unique achievements and a rich history all their own. Billy Joe Thomas is a landmark recording that is worthy of attention even after 30+ years.

Anyway, once again it is hoped that Rhino Handmade is paying attention.

[It should be noted that since the original post, Gene Pitney has passed on.]

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goodnight My Beefcake Love

An Intense After Dinner Saturday Beefcake Experience

A Second Helping of Italian Beefcake: Leo Giamani

Something Italian for Saturday Beefcake: Michael Tomasetti & Cucina Amore

It's not unusual to experience vegetables in agrodolce in Italy. Garlic Spinach with raisins or currant is not unusual, especially in Sicily. The chefs of Cucina Amore, where this recipe was found, suggest that young spring potatoes be the accompanying carbohydrate. The chicken shoud be pounded quite thin and cooked to perfection. Michael Tomasetti, whose images accompany this recipe, we have on good authority, has a very specific culinary regimen, as evidenced by his magnificent corporeal achievement, which can be seen in person on May 13th. Come meet this truly charming Italo-Americano at Love Out Loud.

On A Clear Day ...

... you can see Beefcake forever

Beefcake at Breakfast: Springing into Action

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Might: Brian Gaskill and Love Out Loud

This talented and much appreciated actor featured in Greg Berlanti’s The Broken Hearts Club is no stranger to daytime dramas. He was Guiding Light’s Dylan Lewis, All My Children’s Bobby Warner, As the World Turns’ BJ Green, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Oscar Marone and Port Charles’ Rafe Kovich, the character that truly put him front and center in the minds and hearts of many fans. The POZ Team welcomes his participation in a musical evening where he will have the opportunity to express his solidarity with a cause that is very important to him. This is not his first time helping us out and no doubt more than a few of his fans will be there for the meet and greet.


POZ’s fund-raiser for AIDS Walk New York, Love Out Loud, is well on its way to becoming another memorable evening. Our musical hosts are once again Tremors led by John Kouri with special guests Ilene Kristen (One Life to Live) and singer John Pagano. Thorsten Kaye (Zach from All My Children), will be joined by Broadway musical and cabaret stars Jill O'Hara, John Bolton and Kevin Spirtas. Marj Dusay (Guiding Light) the accomplished actress who lost her son, Randall, to AIDS in 1993 will be there along with Mark Dobies, who appeared in Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart. Tireless devotees to many charities, The Lair's David Moretti and Colton Ford, that Optimum guy, Matt Walton; As the World Turns ’ Noah, Jake Silbermann, his fellow cast member Laurence Lau well known to many a Daytime fan and Guiding Light's Shayne Lewis, Jeff Branson,with Guiding Light alum, Brian Gaskill, actors Michael Tomasetti, BethAnn Bonner, well known from her recent role on One Life to Live will be there to meet and greet the attendees. Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni always on hand to help us with fund raising via eBay auctions promises to stop by, eking out some time from a very busy schedule.

The event is chronicled on www.pozevent.com/events.html

The support coming from the entertainment industry in our efforts to help those with HIV AIDS. This will be our biggest and brightest event yet.

Where: Prohibition, 503 Columbus Ave. (@ 84th) in Manhattan
When: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 5:30 to 9:00 PM
How Much: $30 donation at the door

POZ is the premier lifestyle, treatment and advocacy magazine for people living with—and those affected by—HIV and AIDS. The award-winning magazine and website (poz.com) provide the most complete and expert HIV/AIDS information available in the United States. Together, the magazine and website reach more than 70 percent of all of those people living with HIV/AIDS who are aware of their status. The website provides extensive opportunity for both public and private social networking and represents one of the largest communities of openly HIV-positive people in the world. For more information, please visit www.poz.com.
-- END --

Giovanni Vitacolonna
500 Fifth Ave., Suite 320
New York, NY 10110


Commemorative t-shirts are on sale on line for $21.95 via PayPal. $25 at the venue


Many thanks to George Carrancho and American Airlines


Go here for AIDS Walk New York Donations