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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forever Dusty

From her second solo album. La Springfield "Dusty-fied" this song, rendered a hit by Joni James, tweaking the vocal delivery and even the lyrics. The young Dusty could get righteous with the best of them, channeling Inez Foxx's "Mockingbird" to a tee, for example. I think this shows the edgy nuance she could apply to a song. It is indicative of what deep subtle soul is all about.

Go here for a review of Forever Dusty currently at New World Stages in New York. The reviewer seems to have a good perspective about what Dusty is all about: "In vocal terms Ms. Smith is adequate and occasionally almost convincing. But the smoky sensuality, the breathy vulnerability, the naked emotionality of intonation and phrasing, and the raw white-soul edge that distinguished Springfield at her best are in short supply. And when Ms. Smith tacks a blustery big finish onto Son of A Preacher Man" she’s in direct defiance of an artist who never had to oversell."

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