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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Annual Post Thanksgiving Tribute to OverIndulgence

'Tis that time of year when many inhabitants of the United States of America start that long journey until after January 1st into overindulgence. The task begins now with Halloween with its tricked treats and ends with the New Year with its tricks and the call for designated drivers.
In between there should be much dieting, while placing emphasis on the treadmills and related accessories. Easier said than done.

It is that very reason that John Antorino's image graces today's entry. He is a man who obviously knows how to handle the temptations of overindulgence while at the same time exemplifying what one might be better choosing to indulge in, so to speak.

The recipe choice is very appropriate for the time of year and very much an exceptional suggestion for indulging either over or under.

Scaloppine di Tacchino

Seasoned Flour
(sea salt & ground pepper)            
2 Eggs, large beaten with milk
2 Cups Fresh beadcrumbs
3 Cups finely chopped pecans                
Turkey scallops, 750 grams, pounded
Granny Smith, cored, sliced thinly
Sweet Butter 3 tablespoons
Light Olive Oil or Almond Oil, 3 tblsp
Orange Juice, 1 cup, fresh
Orange Liqueur, Grand Marnier or Cointreau, 3 shots
Chicken Broth, about 1 cup
Cornstarch, 1 tsp
Parsley and Orange Rind

1. Mix bread crumbs with the pecans
2. Dredge the turkey in resulting mixture, dip in eggs, then coat again with mixture
3. In a large skillet saute' the apple in butter and oil (1/2 teaspoon each) until somewhat crispy, just a couple of minutes. Then transfer to a platter. Cover it.
4. Cook the turkey in batches in the same skillet over moderate heat with the remaining oil and butter until firm, i.e. a couple of minutes on each side then transfer to the plate with the apple slices.
5. Wipe out the skillet, add the orange juice and half the liqueur and boil until half reduction.
6. Add the broth and do the same.
7. In a small bowl whisk the cornstarch with the remaining liqueur and then add to the sauce, salt, pepper to taste and bring to a boil.
8. Arrange turkey and apple slices on 6 plates, spoon sauce over the turkey, garnish.

Sweet Potato and Chestnut Salad

Light Olive Oil, about 3 ounces
Sweet Potatoes, about 500 grams cut into one inch pieces
Sweet Butter, about 3 tablespoons
Orange Liqueur, Grand Marnier or Cointreau
Fresh Juice: lemon, lime or orange, c. 1 tablespoon
Cooked Chestnuts, halved, about 250 grams
Ginger root, minced, about 2 teaspoons
Raspberry vinegar, 3 tablespoons
Garlic, minced, one clove
Orange rind, grated: about teaspoons
Radicchio, arugula and endive leaves
Scallions, two, minced
Crisp bacon -- cut into very small pieces or soy substitute, about 125 grams

1. Preheat oven to 425F
2. Heat three tablespoons of the oil in a skillet. Therein saute the potatoes with salt and pepper to taste until golden. Remove and drain.
3. Melt the butter in a baking dish over moderate heat, add liqueur, juice, potatoes, chestnuts, ginger, and salt & pepper to paste.
4. Roast for 15 to 20 minutes, basting occasionally.
5. In a bowl whisk vinegar, garlic, orange rind -- salt & pepper, adding remaining oil in a stream, whisking until all is combined well.
6. Add potatoes and chestnuts to a bowl while still warm and toss.
7. Line 6 plates with the greens, divide the potato mixture among them, garnish with the scallions and bacon or its substitute.

It would seem that these recipes call for you to invite five other people over to partake of this wonderful repast. If you truly want to indulge, invite one or two less over or simply invite someone like Mr Antorino over ... and over again.

Visit his site.

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