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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Have Your Pie and Eat It: Saturday Beefcake

Pumpkin Pie alla Giovanni

For the crust:

Almond Cookies (Novelle d'Abruzzo) two cups (crushed very fine)
Melted Sweet Butter, six tablespoons
Crystallized Fructose

Mascarpone, 350 grams
Crystallized Fructose, two thirds cup
Pumpkin Puree, one cup
Fresh Orange Juice, two tablespoons
Grated Orange Rind, one teaspoon
Vanilla Extract, one teaspoon
Almond Extract, one quarter teaspoon
Eggs, three large

Sour Cream, one cup
Orange Rind, grated, one teaspoon
Vanilla Extract, one teaspoon

1. Combine crumbs, butter and fructose, press into a ten inch pie plate
2. Beat mascarpone until smooth and add eggs and fructose alternately (three times) and beating each time
3. Blend in just one cup of the pumpkin puree, orange juice, rind & flavours
4. Pour into crust and bake for 50 minutes in a 350F oven
5. In the meantime, fantasize about hooking up with the tough guy in the picture, and blend the sour cream, and orange rind. Spread on top (no, not him) of the baking pie and then bake for five minutes more.

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