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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Monday Muse: Colton Ford

Hey everyone. So I have a very special request. I'm launching a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for the video for my new single, "Let Me Live Again," and to help me complete my 2013 calendar that I've shot with acclaimed photographer, Aaron Cobbett. Please check it out and consider making a contribution. It's really hard out there for artists, and this is a new way for us creative people to generate funds to help us do what we love to do. So please please please check it out, give what you can if you can, post, tweet, email and help me spread the word. I'm going to be on this for the next week and a half, cuz we don't have much time to raise the money, so pardon my relentlessness!! :-) Thanks, as always, for your support and love!! xo


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