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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Five Years Ago On Saturday Beefcake: It was Creamy Fennel Soup

Stock, two cups
Fennel, one bulb, about 500 grams. sliced
Garlic, one clove
Onions, chopped, about two tablespoons
Lemon Juice, fresh, about one tablespoon
Lemon Zest, one teaspoon, chopped
Coriander, ground, one teaspoon
Dillweed, dried, one half teaspoon
Yogurt, one quart, non-fat

1. Cook the fennel in the stock with garlic and onions until soft.
2. Then puree the final product with lemon juice, zest and spices.
3. Combine with the yogurt and chill (watch the touch football skirmish while it chills, but don't forget about it)
4. Garnish with fennel greens and chopped cilantro.

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