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Friday, July 20, 2012

Web Exclusives : PrEP Talk 101 - by Trenton Straube

How does Truvada as PrEP work?

To better understand this, it’s helpful to know how HIV meds work in someone who is positive. A person living with HIV takes at least three or four HIV drugs—called combination antiretroviral therapy—that work together to keep the virus from replicating. The meds don’t seek out the virus and attack it directly; rather, they each halt different steps of the complicated process in which the virus uses immune cells to make new copies of itself. A similar thing happens in PrEP. “Truvada is a combination pill of two HIV medications (tenofovir and emtricitabine) commonly used for HIV treatment,” explains Albert Liu. “When taken as PrEP, Truvada can block HIV replication from occurring and prevent HIV from establishing infection in the body.”

Web Exclusives : PrEP Talk 101 - by Trenton Straube

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