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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tuesday Talent: Christopher Meloni

Meloni’s True Blood character, Roman, is yet another upstanding badass. Also known as the Guardian, Roman is the 500-year-old founder and head of the Vampire Authority, the governing body for bloodsuckers the world over. He’s on a mission to enforce the peaceful coexistence of humans and vampires, an agenda that some of his fanged brethren take issue with, putting Roman in the position of trying to stave off a civil war. Meloni describes the character as a “guy with great intentions. He takes very seriously his role as a political figure,” which on True Blood means he’s already stabbed a traitorous former ally, chanted vampire liturgy in Aramaic, and shagged the ancient ­Salome, of New Testament fame. (Meloni may have a tattoo of a crucifix on his arm and come from a very Catholic family, but he says, “If you say, ‘Let’s go to church,’ I break out in sweat. It’s the last place I want to be found. I get my God in a drive-through window.”) Go here for all of it.

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