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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Something Light for Your Beefcake Lunch: Chicken Pineapple Salad

• Romain Lettuce, torn, two cups
• 350 grams Grilled Chicken, cubed
• 120 grams chopped Pineapple, if possible, grilled
• one Red and one Yellow Bell Pepper, thinly sliced
• 160 ml Greek Yogurt
• one teaspoon freshly Ground Black Pepper and Coarse Salt, to taste
• one teaspoon ground Ginger
• 60 grams Cashews, chopped

1. Put the torn Romaine into a large bowl, together with the chicken, pineapple and pepper and stir gently.
2. For the dressing, mix yoghurt with black pepper and ginger. Pour over the salad and mix well.
3. Sprinkle cashews over the salad.

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