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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Gay Thursday: Tom Cruise

Salon.com adds its two cents.

Datalounge.com says: That's a tremendously offensive article, obviously written by one of those "any kind of visibility is good" eldergays.

What makes the author think the gay community would accept Tom Cruise with open arms? This is a man who has reinforced gay shame in Hollywood and popular culture for over two decades. And this is a man who has devoted his fame and his resources to propogate a violent, homophobic cult which has likely ruined the lives of a number of gay men and women. And on a personal level, this is a man who has psychologically terrorized a young woman to the extent that there's a general consensus that she had to "escape" from him. Tom Cruise isn't Cary Grant or Richard Burton. He's Roy Cohn.

The article also fails to refer to the Kyle Bradford episode:

Phil Notaro is an American gay pornographic actor known by his stage names Kyle Bradford and Chad Slater.[1] He specialized in movies featuring nude wrestling.[1] Some of the movies also included submission matches where the loser was forced to masturbate and/or engage in oral or anal sex.[2] Bradford dominated his matches and performed sexually as a top.

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