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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Beefcake: Cuban Cocktail Hour

Cuba Lubre
In a large glass pour 41/2 centilitres of white rum. Put some ice and coke and then squeeze juice from a green lime. For decoration put a slice of lime on top of the glass.

In a glass pour 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and squeeze juice from 1/2 green lime. Mix with a little bit of soda, add good herb leaves then place the stem without the leaves getting damaged, so the juice can come out. Add 41/2 centilitres of rum, 2 or 3 ice cubes and complete the glass with soda water. For decoration put a branch of good herb on top.

Squeeze 1/2 of a green lime, sugar, 41/2 centilitres of rum, a few ice cubes. Mix in a cocktail mixer and serve “on the rocks” in a cocktail glass.

Daiquiri Frappe
Pour in a electric mixer a good quantity of mashed ice, 41/2 centilitres of rum blanco (Havana Club), 1/2 of green lime, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of Marrasquino. Mix it and serve it in a champagne glass. Drink it cold.

The Hemingway
Mix in a mixer mashed ice, 6 centilitres of rum. Add a teaspoon of grapefruit juice, a teaspoon of marrasquino and 1/2 of green lime. Shake and serve in champagne glass.>

The Greta Garbo
In a electric mixer, pour 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of marrasquino, 1/2 of a green lime and 41/2 centilitres of rum, 5 drops of pernod and mashed ice. Shake and serve in a champagne glass.
Havana Loco

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