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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stud

Giovanni, Thank You for asking me to be part of Love Out Loud VII the AIDS Walk New York benefit once again. It is a commemoration of hope, unity, determination, love, and a celebration of so many people selflessly joining together and giving from the heart to not only raise awareness, but also to make changes and touch the lives of so many others who may need hope and support--and to keep fighting for a cure. Being part of this force means so much to me, and lending my voice and performing makes me feel like I'm part of something so big, important, and wonderful. All my life I dreamed of being on stage singing; this opportunity allows me to share that which is most dear to me while at the same time representing the strength of never giving up, and that anything is, in fact possible when perseverance is combined with intent and a heart full of love. Looking forward to May 16th! Gregory Nalbone

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