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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Wednesday Word is Gay

Governor Wishes "Don't Say Gay" Bill Would Disappear
By Lucas Grindley

The Republican governor of Tennessee wishes the "don't say gay" bill would just go away, even though it's proposed by members of his own party.

Gov. Bill Haslam told WPLN that the bill "is not something I think is particularly helpful or needed right now." And he says that belief has been shared directly with Rep. Joey Hensley, the sponsor of the bill.

Haslam predicted last year that the bill would never pass. It had won approval in the Senate, but the House ran out of time. And ever since it resurfaced this year, Haslam has frequently called on the House Education Subcommittee to "lay aside" the measure to focus on other priorities.

"It's no secret we've been part of talks there, and I've said from the very beginning I think there's better things for the legislature to occupy themselves with right now," Haslam told NewsChannel 5 in February. "We would love to see the legislature focus on some other issues right now."

So far, there are no signs that House Republicans are listening to Haslam.

Stolen from Advocate.com

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