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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Beefcake: Getting Stuffed II

This is very similar to what South Philly Italo-American families would call Panzetta

(Pancetta di Vitello Farcito)

Veal Belly 1.500kg/3lbs
Artichokes, six
Garlic, minced, one-two cloves
Onion or shallot , chopped
Parsley, flat leaf, chopped
Grated Grana Padano cheese or your favorite
Eggs, two
Bread, five slices soaked in milk
Bay Leaf
White Wine, dry
Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Pre-heated oven 300F (180C)

1. Have the butcher create a “pocket” for you in the meat.
2. Once you have cleaned the artichokes and prepared them for cooking place them in a pan with the shallots over high heat in olive oil.
3 Once cooked, let them cool and then chop the mixture.
4. Squeeze the liquid out of the bread slices, add the garlic, parsley, the eggs, salt, freshly ground pepper, two table spoons of the grated cheese.

5. Mix all the ingredients together and fill the pocket.
6. Tie the “mouth” shut, but not necessarily very tight. This is only to help it keep its shape while cooking.
7. Place this in a roasting pan with olive oil, bay leaves, sage and rosemary and then into the oven.
8. Douse the roast from time to time with the wine.
9. You will strain the juices from the roast and serve it sliced.

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