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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gay Thursday: Savage Colbert

From AfterElton.com:

Once upon a time, there was a sex columnist named Dan Savage. A fake-newscaster named Stephen Colbert invited him to be a guest on his show to discuss gay sex, and thus was born one of the great on-screen love stories of the decade.

This marks the first of many, many appearances Savage would make on The Colbert Report, and it includes such classic moments as Stephen sharing his gay porn name – Tyrone Honeybee; Dan explaining how to find the clitoris; Dan telling Stephen that he once thought he was straight, too, and there's hope for him.

Stephen points out that Dan is married and has a baby, then finds out that the baby came six years before the wedding. "So you're so outside of the norm that you had to adopt a baby out of wedlock before you got gay married?" he asks. "You couldn't even adopt a baby as a gay couple while you were married. That was just 'too straight.'"

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