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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Self Promotion Sunday: Songs in the Key of G

Growing up in South Philly as a gay boy, it was the constant music of every kind that comforted me. Music truly is the food of love and afforded me the opportunity to be who I was at least through the music. The songs I sing are mostly from that era. Every time I reinvented myself in every place I lived music was a part of it. Here in New York where there are a lot of opportunities to sing and I have had great fun doing so. Friday evening at Ido singing with Murray Weinstock was very rewarding. Singing in and of itself is exhilarating. There is a physical pleasure inherent in the expression. I can't wait to perform at The Stonewall Inn. One of my favorite people, Mike Salinari, invited me to sing there and this is my fifth show there. The upstairs cabaret is a place that has become familiar and comfortable. This time around Michael Kevin Walsh is on keyboards and Mark Aaron James is coming back. Both are consummate performers and I am proud and honored to have them as part of my show. It's Thursday, April 28th at 7pm with a $10 cover and two drink minimum. You'll hear the pop arias that have driven me for many years.

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