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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday Beefcake: Happy Birthday, Christopher Meloni

"It matters not what side his bread is buttered on. He clearly loves us, i.e. his gay brethren. Married. Straight. Whatever. Proof positive that there is a God, or rather, gods." We have posted this cake recipe before under various titles but it is one of the favorites in the hallowed halls of Column of Life and, therefore, it is now reincarnated as a birthday cake for the man who has reached a half century milestone. We sincerely hope he has at least another fifty.

1 Pan di Spagna
500 grams of Fresh Ricotta, let the water drain out overnight
Heavy cream, whipped
Confectioner's sugar (about 150 grams)
Cointreau or any orange liqueur
Semi-sweet Chocolate (chopped or in chips)

1. The cake, homemade or otherwise, should be chilled. The number of layers is dependent on the constructor. The layers should not be very thick. While preparing the following cream, soak the cake with the liqueur to taste.
2. Force the ricotta through a sieve until it's smooth. Beat it constantly and add the cream and confectioner's sugar.
3. Take equal parts of the citron and chocolate -- about 3 spoonfuls of each and put them in a blender for a minute and then fold them into the ricotta cream.
4. It is now time to build the cake spreading the mixture between the layers and then allow them to sit for a time in the refrigerator while the frosting is prepared.

1. Remainder of chocolate
2. Small cup of strong coffee (about 3/4)
3. 250 grams of chilled sweet butter cut into slim slices

1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler with the coffee stirring constantly
2. Remove from heat and beat in the butter one piece at a time, beat constantly until it achieves the right consistency. The consistency may vary from very creamy to smooth and buttery. Some refrigeration may help.
3. The frosting will cover the cake layered with the cream. Let it 'ripen' for at least six hours or overnight.

Rather difficult to desgnate Mr. Meloni as "beefcake," although many people all over the world, literally, may very well have amazing fantasies about him. Law & Order: SVU is pretty much broadcast to an audience of 53,000,000 people all over the world. Meloni is a special kind of man and not just another fetching stud. He is kind, generous and intelligent. When Chris says, "How are you?" it is not a formality, he really wants to know.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful man...still.