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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter II: Our Annual Greeting

This is a redux post and it comes with the wish that the darkness may disappear and that you will all soon "walk in the rays of a beautiful sun."

Xtianity didn't invent the life and death and rebirth cycle. It's part of nature and because it is, that means it's part of just about every major religion. The myth of the death and rebirth of Osiris antedates that of Jesus by centuries.

Much of it has to do with humanity's desire for an afterlife. It varies from region to region, sometimes it means to be nothing and everything at the same time. It always involves -- of course -- some sort of transformation. As last week's post has already attested many xtians tend to focus on the suffering of their Messiah, yet even recovering Catholics know that Easter, the most important event in the liturgical calendar is a celebration of life. That's why its occurence is tied to the Vernal Equinox and the first full moon following it. How Pagan can you get?

Well, not necessarily Pagan but definitely all about Spring and new life. It is the cornerstone of Xtianity, which is why those Catholics run around denouncing both abortion and the death penalty. Still Pope Benny doesn't seem to understand how to save lives in the midst of an AIDS crisis in Africa.

What tends to get lost in the shuffle is that those who are here and now need to be nurtured and supported. There are those in the Xtian mix who follow the basic tenant of the golden rule which is all about nurturing and life. The belief in resurrection in any religion or mythology points the way to life, death and rebirth, which is the way of the world. One major difference about Jesus after he died and came back to life was his glorified body -- and the Eschaton, which is the fulfillment of time and not necessarily about goats on the left, sheep on the right, wheat and chaff and the Promised Land, is all about glorified bodies. It is well known that in these parts the body is very much glorified.

Ooh Child ...

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