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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Your Sunday Stud: Justin Hartley

Trivia from imdb:

Attended Southern Illinois University and The University of Illinois in Chicago. Majored in History and Theater.

Has an older brother named Nathan and younger sisters named Megan and Gabriela.

Is an avid basketball player.

Grew up in Orland Park, Illinois.

Played various sports in high school including baseball, basketball and soccer.

Has a dog (half beagle-half terrier) named "The Gooch".

Daughter Isabella Justice Hartley (with Lindsay Hartley) born on 3 July 2004.

Replaced Will Toale as the young Aquaman, Arthur "AC" Curry for the TV series Mercy Reef (2006)_.

Was going to play the young Aquaman on Mercy Reef (2006) and then appeared as the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen on Smallville (2001). The episode "Justice" featured him as Green Arrow opposite Alan Ritchson as Aquaman, who's previous appearance on the episode "Aqua" had sparked interest in doing Mercy Reef (2006)_ (even though Ritchson, five years younger than Hartley, was not considered for the Mercy Reef series).

He watches professional wrestling. [Too bad, he only watches]

An avid baseball fan his entire life. His two favorite teams are the Cubs and the Dodgers.

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