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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday Talent II: Scott Herman

Scott tells us:
The Advocate picked up on a story from my facebook wall yesterday about how my Grandmother was harassed via mail. Someone had printed how some of my “racy” photos and pages of Google from when they searched “Scott Gay” basically to say that I am gay and it’s “wrong”.

This person is a coward and knows that if found out that they would have to deal with me so the mail had no return address.

No one ever said being a straight ally was going to be easy but to be honest I am happy people are lashing out at me. I would much rather have people point their hate at me instead of our young boys and girls who are being beaten and tortured to the point where suicide looks to be the best solution.

I will never stop in my quest to bring about equality and I know that I have never done anything to make my grandmother or any other relative ashamed to call me family.

BRING IT!! I’ve been looking for a reason to start swinging this thing!!!

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