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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Beefcake Main Course: Todd Sanfield

Filetto di Vitello con Salsa di Lenticchie

Veal Fillet with Lentil Sauce (for 6)

Veal Fillet, about two pounds (900 grams)
Prosciutto, about a quarter pound, sliced, sweet variety
Potatoes, two, sliced
Lentils, one can or about 12 ounces, cooked
Vegetable Broth
Olive Oil
Coarse Salt
Pre-heated Oven 375F

1. Lightly salt the filet and then rub it with thyme.
2. Wrap the prosciutto around it and tie it with kitchen string.

3. Bake for fifteen minutes.
4. Drain the lentils, if canned, and place them in a blender.
5. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and a ladle of broth.
6. Blend the lentils until you a smooth and uniform mixture. Warm.
7. Cook the potato slices in olive oil -- about a finger and salt to taste
8. Remove the fillet from the oven, untie it and slice.
9. Serve the slices on a bed of the lentil sauce with potatoes.

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