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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Beefcake Lunch

Kosher Salt and Black Pepper to taste
Rosemary, fresh, one cup
Sage leaves, fresh, one cup
Thyme, one sprig
Lemons, three, sliced
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one cup
Pre-heated oven 350F – [a guess]

1. Slice the Lemon in 1/2 inch thick slice, set aside.
2. Rub the Chicken with the Oil in and out.....
3. Add a good amount of salt and pepper inside and outside (“Don’t be skimpy with the salt, your pressure will be fine. If you are afraid of high blood pressure quit the burgers and fries”)

4. Add half of the herbs and lemon slices in the inside, and save the rest.
5. Crisp the Chicken on both sides in a cast iron skillet on high flame with a little of oil, wait till the oil is smoking to add the chicken, this process wont take more than 5 minutes per each side.
6. As soon is it is well crisped on both sides, place the Chicken with the rest of the herbs in the oven and place the rest of the Herbs and the Lemon all over the Chicken
7. Cook until it is slightly pink in the breast. Be careful not to overcook.
8. Enjoy it after 5 minutes of rest.

This recipe comes from Top Chef's Fabio Viviani. The pictures were stolen from the internet. The model's name is Tomek. No doubt he, too, is delicious inside and out.

Chicken, boneless, one kilo (c. two pounds)

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