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Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Course For This Evening's Saturday Beefcake Repast

Olivio, one half teaspoon
Rice, uncooked, one half cup
Tumeric, one teaspoon
Broth, vegetable or chicken, one cup
Salt, one quarter teaspoon
Peas, cooked, one half cup
Raisins or Dried Currants, one quarter cup
Almonds, blanched in slivers for garnish

1. Saute the rice in the olivio until it is fully coated.
2. Add the broth along with tumeric and salt.
3. Stir, cover and cook until tender. About twenty minutes.
4. Add peas and raisins. Cover again and cook for about a minute more.
5. Serve with garnish.

This is a very simple and low calorie version for Rice Pulao. Cardamom, the king of spices, is also appropriate here. It's also very low in calories.

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