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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gay Thursdays: Ten Years After/Redux

Tom Fontana may not be a gay man, but if he were he'd be a great one. The archives of this web log have mentioned more than once that he is beyond reproach on all things gay. After Elton has interviewed the brilliant producer regarding his creativity in the writing and production of OZ, specifically about the unforgettable characters of Beecher and Keller and their portrayers.

OZ and all of the actors were worthy of the unbridled enthusiasm given them by fans. Chris Meloni especially earned many kudos because he dared go where many wouldn't even think of going. He has many loyal gay male fans, and those fans get a lot of mileage from gassing up on him

Fontana, in the interview, answers the question why there were no explicit love scenes between the lovers. The kisses were sizzling. Did anyone notice that they weren't boffing all over the place? It was as if they were.

Meloni had a memorable scene or two as well with the very delicious Brian Bloom. Ah, to have been a bar of soap in that shower room, or, at least a cushion on the sofa in the prison lounge.

Anyway, many thanks to Tom Fontana, hereby, declared honorary gay man. Welcome. It's an honor to have you on board.

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