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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Beefcake: Bottoms for Cocktail Hour

Artichoke Bottoms

Artichoke Bottoms
Sour Cream
Alfalfa Sprouts
Soy Sauce
Egg Yolk, hard cooked

1. Spread each bottom with sour cream
2. Top with sprouts
3. Sprinkle the soy sauce over the sprouts
4. Top with half an egg yolk.
5. Bottoms up

from recipetips.com:

Artichoke Bottom

The fleshy base section of the artichoke, which is referred to as the artichoke bottom. The artichoke is a tall plant that is a relative of the thistle plant and native to Mediterranean regions, but is also grown in other parts of the world. It consists of tough, pointed, green leaves that are tightly packed around a gray-green base or bottom. It is the fleshy base of the leaves and the fleshy center or heart of the artichoke that are the sections of the plant most suitable for eating. Artichoke bottoms have a tender texture and flavorful taste, similar to the artichoke heart. The bottoms, like the heart, can be served as snacks, appetizers or as a tasty ingredient for salads and other side dishes.

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