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Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank You, Televisionista

Another Xmas Present from ABC-TV and
Brothers and Sisters

"Absolute Hunk" Jason Lewis (Sex and the City) is joining ABC's Sunday night drama Brothers and Sisters as Chad Berry, a gay soap-opera actor who meets Kevin (Matthew Rhys). Sparks fly when Kevin realizes Chad is closeted and has a girlfriend.

We have seen two men (or women) fighting over a woman (or a man) many times on network television. Now, a man and a woman may clash over a man as Brothers and Sisters begins a new storyline on the January 14 episode "Sexual Politics"

ABC's official press release describes Chad as being "confused about his sexuality". The guys meet at a gym where Kevin undergoes rigorous "boot camp" style training. The storyline will run over 4 episodes and conclude on February 18 (ABC will air "Brothers and Sisters" reruns on January 28 and February 4).

Little is known about the outcome, but Kevin and Chad will have a full-fledged relationship including a passionate kissing scene.

Chad's girlfriend Michelle is played by Roxy Olin, the daughter of executive producer Ken Olin and the show's star Patricia Wettig (Holly).

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