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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Fiercely Talented NC Winters

Experiencing NC in person is much like experiencing perpetual motion -- a rather handsome version of said motion, by the way. Creativity and energy go hand in hand within his persona. Having a gallery of his art on the main site was an easy decision to make. Supporting talented young people like Mr. Winters is definitely one of the purposes of this WebLog, among others. NC provided a mini-bio when providing us with the works we've displayed and these two sentences stand out:

"My art is figure-focused, as I love observing people; from the personal interaction to the study and love of the human form ... Trying to change the boundary between illustration and what art is considered fine or high has become a key to my art. I feel the terms are outmoded and in need of redefinition. While I don’t have the right answer, I feel obligated to shake up the concept in the pursuit of my message."

One of the last missives received from him lets the world know that he's having an art sale. It warrants a visit to his site go here

Shown here is one of his New York Xmas perceptions.

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy
. [so to speak]

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