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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Doug Savant: Desperate House Husband

Left "Melrose Place" (1992) after six seasons because the network refused to allow the writers to explore his character Matt's love life, and left him with little to do on the show. In 1994, the network and producers cut Matt's kiss on the season finale in 1994 at the last minute after considerable ratings hype.

"During my first year on "Melrose," there was a great deal of pressure from the network (Fox TV) for me to out myself as a straight man. The producers of "Melrose" kept telling me I had to say publicly that I was a breeder. They said too many people assumed I was gay. I know the truth of my life, so I didn't have to play the network game. For three years I was the spokesperson for the AIDS rides (yearly cycle-thons) in California. I was flattered that people assumed I was gay. To me, that was an affirmation that I was doing my job."

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