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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Christmas Present from ABC

Thanks to televisionista.net:

The show they thought would never last is coming back on January 7 and it is about to get even better and better. Brothers and Sisters returns as ABC adds 2 installments to bring the total episode order to 24. *On the January 7 episode "Family Day", the Walker family airs its dirty laundry in Justin's rehab group therapy session, and Kitty considers a tantalizing proposition from Senator McCallister (Rob Lowe). The episode airs following an all-new episode of Desperate Housewives; Tyler Posey returns as Gabriel Whedon.

Thanks to recent ABC schedule changes, and as a vote of confidence, ABC will air encore presentations of Brothers and Sisters every Friday at 9pm, starting January 12. This will, hopefully, give an even greater exposure to this remarkable show.

Furthermore, the writers of Brothers and Sisters have announced on their ABC.com blog "Bloggers and Sisters" that ABC has extended their total episode order to 24, making this drama one of the most prominent programs on ABC's schedule.

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