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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mark Aaron James & 6 Degrees of Dean Cain ...

... and Freddie Mercury, eh?

So, last week I made the quip that the "Undercover" show was starting to sound like a drag night, (having covered Britney Spears, Pink, Madonna and Cher in the past months). I guess the comment stuck in some peoples' brains. No, I'm not doing another diva, thank God. (No offense, to you diva lovers, but if Cristina Aguilera or Celine Dion came up, I might have cried). This week features the music of Queen. Ok, there's still a diva element there, but I can handle it. (I don't know if Bohemian Rhapsody can be accomplished on the solo guitar, but Fat Bottom Girls definitely can). Hope you can make it out this Thursday (tomorrow) to Mr. Denehey's, Carmine @ 7th Ave, downstairs, 8:30 PM. ("Flash...AHH AHH, He'll Save the Universe!") Oh, and I will soon be featuring the video for "Kleptomaniac Girlfriend" on my Myspace page. AND The film Lost, starring Dean Cain and featuring my song "June 17th" is now available at Blockbusters nation wide and from Netflicks. Check it out! And last, but certainly not least: check out my CD Just A Satellite. Go here.

Oh and I was not at Prohibition's 10th anniversary bash tonight but I'll be there come May 17th for POZ magazine's fundraiser for AIDS Walk New York 2006.


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