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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Beefcake: Surf and Turf

Today's full moon was of the nature cardinal earth and cardinal water and it's polarity, therefore, is Cancer-Capricon. The Moon in Capricorn is a moon in exile with its ordinarily expressive emotions kept in check. Within a birth chart this position runs the gamut of unexpressed emotional life unless accompanied by modifying aspects. There are quite quite a few accompanying aspects, most notably: with Venus, the capacity for amorous expression in the zodiac, in Leo, the sign of the ego and closely connected to the theater and acting, and, therefore, emotional expression; with Mars, the capacity for assertive physical expression in the fixed fertile earth sign of Taurus--imbuing it with strong oral expression; The Sun, the capacity of self-motivation, the other part of the polarity, in emotionally expressive Cancer--in a birth chart this would be a personality guided and protected by feelings.

This is an astrological combination full of creative tension.

All these elements combine to make for, if nothing else, an emotionally eventful weekend--especially for those who would be effected by this combination--and coming on the tail end of the Solstice, it also emphasizes the extreme maternal and paternal aspects of the world we live in, or, if you will, the yin and yang, the active and the passive, the masculine and the feminine ...

The perfect place for the human expression is on the beach and in celebration of this we posted some of David Morgan's better photos celebrating the men of Summer.

Nourishment again comes from two favourites who seem to know about good nutrition and the men pictured here are nothing, if not well-nourished. The first is from Diana Shaw utilizing whole wheat penne and virtually perennial cabbage, something from the good earth. She reminds everyone that whole wheat pasta (pasta integrale) "is neither new or American ... the best imported whole wheat pastas [Barilla and De Cecco] have body and bite, and the faint nutty flavour of good, hearty grain."

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Onion, one thinly sliced
Carrot, peeled, thinly sliced
Red Cabbage, 2 cups shredded
Red or White low-starch Potato, peeled and sliced paper thin
Whole Cumin Seeds, 1 teaspoon
Fontina or Taleggio Cheese, thinly sliced, 125 grams
Dried Whole Wheat Penne (3 cups)

1. Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium heat, as the temperature peaks add the onion, carrot, cabbage, potato and cumin.
2. Saute for about eight minutes until the onion achieves softness and limpness.
3. Cover for about 12 minutes while the cabbage achieves tenderness and the potato cooks through.
4. Turn off the heat.
5. In the meantime the penne are cooking and when drained they are tossed thoroughly within the skillet while adding the cheese.
6. Serve right away.

And from the sea are two summer dishes from Julee Rosso's Great Good Food. The first is very Tuscan and one of the mainstays of that hearty and simple cuisine:

Tuna and White Bean Salad

Cannellini Beans, 500 grams, rinsed and sorted
Sea Salt (or Kosher Salt) one teaspoon
Fresh Italian Parsley, chopped
Scallion, green and white parts, one cup coarsely chopped
Tuna, grilled, about 200 grams, flaked (or a can packed in water)
Fresh Lemon Juice, four tablespoons
Red Wine Vinegar, two tablespoons
Olive Oil, three tablespoons
Freshly Ground pepper.

Rosso doesn't say so, but you would be better off with balsamic vinegar, virgin olive oil and sea (or kosher) salt. Of course, the beans need to be soaked and cooked as usual for dry beans. This is a full day process. Actually this simple dish, if using dried beans, could take up to two days to prepare.

1. Once the beans are cooked and have achieved tenderness, combine them with the parsley and scallion.
2. Fold in the tuna.
3. Whisk the lemon juice, vinegar and three tablespoons of olive oil, pour it over the beans and combine.
4. Salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate for eight hours.
5. Serve over greens.

And one more from the sea from Ms Rosso:

Minted Monkfish Fillet

Monkfish Fillet, one kilo, trimmed
Butter, unsalted, one tablespoon, melted
Fresh Italian Parsley, minced, two tablespoons
Lime Zest, two tablespoons
Fresh Mint, minced, one half cup
Dry Vermouth, quarter cup
Freshly Ground Pepper
Oven Pre-heated 375F

1. Place the monkfish on aluminium foil large enough to wrap it
2. Brush the fillet with the melted butter and then sprinkle it with parsley, lime zest, mint, vermouth, and pepper to taste.
3. Fold the foil over the fillet and tightly seal the edges.
4. Place the package on a baking sheet and bake for 25 to 35 minutes.
5. Remove from oven. Fish should be opaque and should flake easily.
6. Serve immediately on a platter with its juice.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Eventful Friday: The Gabriel Project

If you want to see Kamar de los Reyes at his best, go to Prohibition, 503 Columbus Ave at 84th in New York City when he hosts a fundraiser for an extremely worthy cause.

What: Benefit for the Gabriel Project
When: Saturday, June 30, 2007, 5-8 p.m.
How: Tickets are $25.
email: Leang319@aol.com or
visit: www.thegabrielproject.com

From their web site:

The Gabriel Project is named after three-year-old Gabriel Inyunye of Tanzania, East Africa, who died of intractable heart failure before funds could be raised to bring him to the United States for surgery. Gabriel was a patient at the Muhimbili Medical Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Upon Gabriel's death, doctors at the hospital identified two year old William "Willie" Mushi as the patient in need of immediate surgery. With four holes in his heart and a bad aorta, Willie had successful surgery on July 11, 1994, becoming The Gabriel Project's first success story! Gabriel Inyunye will always be watching over us as The Gabriel Project Guardian Angel.

The Gabriel Project was founded by sixth grade teacher Mark J. Melamed in 1990. The objective of this non-profit organization is to provide life-saving heart surgery to a child from an area where such surgery is not available.

In 1990, Mr. Melamed's 6th grade class heard about the children in Tanzania, who are unable to have heart surgery. The students learned that an estimated 40,000 children die each day in Third World Countries, and identified Tanzania as one of the 5 poorest countries in Africa where heart surgery is not available for anyone. The class wanted to do something to help these children, and as a result The Gabriel Project was formed.

Working with the Children of the World Program at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, New Jersey, The Gabriel Project began raising money to bring the child and mother to the hospital where the cost of surgery was donated at that time. All monies raised went toward airfare and living costs while the family is in the United States and en route.

Mr. Melamed's 6th grade class continues to cover curriculum goals such as reading, writing, math, social studies, language and appreciation of other cultures while raising funds to bring a child to the United States for surgery. The Gabriel Project also donates funds to local organizations such as the local soup kitchen, homeless shelter and children's ward at the hospital.

Fan favorite Jeff Branson will also be hosting. Jeff is definitely another of the good guys and he will be in good company with the original good guys, Ian Duke and Richie Herschenfeld owners/managers of the best restaurant/bar on the Upper West Side. Afterwards Sean Paul will be the guest DJ with his rockin' 80s music. Stickin' around afterwards could just be the ticket to a very good time.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gay Thursdays: Rockin' the Vote with Elizabeth Edwards

"I don't know why somebody else's marriage has anything to do with me. I'm completely comfortable with gay marriage.'' --Elizabeth R

Certainly there are many who would much rather vote for Elizabeth Edwards than her husband. Perhaps if she were to live long enough she would be the third political wife of a major candidate to run for President. Be that as it may, Mrs. Edwards is currently living her political life with panache and style.

This web log has stated in the past that all marriage should be banned and that everyone who wants to couple should have the right to civil unions with equal benefits. Let the Churches sanctify 'marriage.'

Still if the right to government sanctioned marriage exists it should be extended to everyone.

What Mrs. Edwards has done in recent days is to take the opportunity to speak her mind and it is paying off--literally--for her husband's campaign.

Calculated or not, these maneuvers come down on the right side as opposed to the calculations and maneuvering of the current administration which brought only death and destruction. It's gratifying to have a calculation and a maneuver be life supportive. Yo, Elizabeth, calculate and maneuver all you want. Maybe Chris Matthews will invite you on his show to boost the ratings.

[from Associated Press via Yahoo]

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards, kicked off San Francisco’s annual gay pride parade Sunday by splitting with her husband over support for legalized gay marriage.
“I don’t know why someone else’s marriage has anything to do with me,” Mrs. Edwards said at a news conference before the parade started. “I’m completely comfortable with gay marriage.”
She made the remark almost offhandedly in answering a question from reporters after she delivered a standard campaign stump speech during a breakfast hosted by the Alice B. Toklas Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club, an influential San Francisco political organization. California’s presidential primary is Feb. 5, one of the earliest contests in the nation.
She conceded her support puts her at odds with her husband, a former senator from North Carolina who she said supports civil unions among gay couples — but not same-sex marriages.
“John has been pretty clear about it, that he is very conflicted,” she said. “He has a deeply held belief against any form of discrimination, but that’s up against his being raised in the 1950s in a rural southern town.”
No serious presidential candidate from either major political party has publicly supported gay marriage.
“John believes that couples in committed long-term relationships should enjoy the same rights, benefits and responsibilities regardless of whether they are straight couples or same-sex couples,” Edwards said earlier during her speech. “He supports civil unions.”

Elizabeth on YouTube

From the San Francisco Chronicle, regarding Mrs. Edwards speaking at the Alice B Toklas Club:

"It certainly is another barrier falling,'' said author and gay activist David Mixner, a Clinton administration adviser who backs Edwards in the 2008 race.
"There's been a taboo on any (candidate)-related Gay Pride events,'' he said, with major presidential hopefuls steering away because the event has been viewed largely in the mainstream media as a no-holds-barred celebration of the gay lifestyle.
But Mixner -- whom Newsweek once called "the most powerful gay man in America'' -- said Democratic politicians particularly are realizing that "just like straights at Mardi Gras, there's a wide range of different events, from picnics and political clubs to the parade,'' many of them family-oriented and many stocked with potential voters.

"The myth of what Pride is will be exploded ... and that taboo will now be removed,'' he said. "And I can't think of a better person to do it than Elizabeth Edwards. She won't let people tell her where she can go and who she can talk to.''
Gloria Nieto, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee's gay and lesbian caucus who has yet to endorse a 2008 candidate, agreed that Elizabeth Edwards' appearance showed that candidates view gay and lesbian voters as a constituency that must be sought after in much the same way as other blocs of voters -- particularly in California with its important Feb. 5 primary.

"The fact that Edwards' campaign is so forward thinking in that way shows that (gay political influence) is coming to fruition," Nieto said. "They're looking outside the Beltway and looking for other areas of gay power and influence.''

Democratic activist Jeff Anderson, who invited Elizabeth Edwards to the event and supports her husband, the former North Carolina senator, called her scheduled appearance on Sunday "a significant step for our community.''

Rock On, Elizabeth! Live Long and Prosper!

Hairspray according to Andy Towle

Travolta's Edna Turnblad is not the stern, commanding camp presence that Divine offered up, but at first a sort of strangely meek recluse who speaks in muted tones in an affected Baltimore accent.

With Divine, the breasts and the fat jiggling from the arms and the gaudy make-up was really in your face and with Travolta it's as if a fat suit has swallowed the Scientologist and all that remains of the actor himself are those familiar beady eyes staring out from a sea of plump, white seamless dough.

Travolta grows on you however, and his character really comes into her own when Edna dances, putting all that fake flesh into motion. It's then that the audience erupts into laughter, and the moment didn't happen nearly often enough. Edna Turnblad's voice is also strangely inconsistent, veering from the affected Baltimore accent back to Travolta's voice, in and out of character, again and again. I never forgot that it was John Travolta inside that fat suit, but his portrayal did win me over as the movie went on.

Go here for the rest of it

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get Tested

From POZ:

National HIV Testing Day
June 27, 2007

An estimated 250,000 people in the United States are HIV/AIDS positive and don't even know it. An opportunity for people nationwide to learn their HIV status, and to gain the knowledge they need to take control of their health and their lives. National HIV Testing Day also provides an invaluable opportunity to dispel the myths and stigma associated with HIV testing, and to reach those who have never been tested or who have engaged in high-risk behavior since their last test. HIV testing can reduce new infections when HIV-positive persons become aware of their status and take the necessary precautions to stop spreading the disease. HIV testing is easier, more accessible, and less invasive than ever.

Gabriel Rotello on Andrew Sullivan declaring the End of AIDS:

It has always been incumbent on any responsible gay opinion leader to repeatedly stress that 1996 did NOT mean the 'end of AIDS' or the 'end of a plague,' but rather a historic opportunity to bring that about.
Yes, sure, we all agree that 1996 marked a turning point in the lives of the infected and those who love them, which is Andrew's obvious and endlessly belabored point. But the responsible among us also agree that to emphasize such a self-evident fact without equally emphasizing the dangers of complacency is the height of irresponsibility. It plays into the very syndrome that now dooms a new generation of gay 20-year-olds to a 50% prevalence of HIV by middle age.
The truth is that in 1996, when Andrew Sullivan began taking his HIV meds, his own personal plague ended -- the only plague one suspects he really cares about. But for countless other gay men, their plague was about to begin, in part because of the complacency epitomized by Andrew's bullshit.
And that, sadly, is a bitter history lesson from 1996 that Andrew Sullivan will probably never acknowledge.

From Pitt Men’s Study

New AIDS Nightmare Looms for Gay Men: Study"

Since 2001, HIV incidence among men who have sex with men (MSM) has risen about 1.9 percent per year in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia, University of Pittsburg researchers told the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto. Without a return to safe sex or an unforeseen medical discovery, these infection rates will saturate the population as it ages, the review of studies presented by Ron Stall suggested.

In 2001, HIV affected about one in 12 20-year-old MSM in these countries. The projected rate of infection could be one in four by the time they are in their 30s, researchers estimated. By age 60, 58 percent could be infected.

Among African-American MSM, the rate of new infections is now 4 percent among those ages 15-22, and 15 percent among ages 23-29, warned Stall. At an average increase in new infections of 4 percent per year, three-quarters of those ages 23-29 would be infected by age 50. Calling this incidence rate "almost unbelievable," Stall said, "African-American men who have sex with men suffer among the highest HIV prevalence rates of any risk group in the world."

High rates of HIV diagnoses among MSM were also seen in 35 states CDC used to analyze HIV data. Growing methamphetamine use and complacency are partly to blame for the increase, said Dr. Ronald Valdiserri, deputy director of CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, STD and TB Prevention. "In the United States, 5 percent [of the HIV budget] is spent on prevention," said Valdiserri. "America is more interested in treating this disease than preventing it. We can't treat our way out of this epidemic, even as a rich country."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Tuesday De-Briefing: Wentworth Miller

Of course, Mr. Miller would be our candidate for de-briefing. Yesterday, many gay web loggers including favourite Justin Van de Kamp of Televisionista were buzzing about not only Wentworth being gay but his serious relationship with Luke MacFarlane. This clip is interesting if for nothing else but the final sentence:

“Wentworth and Luke have been secretly dating for almost six months now,” says a source close to the pair. “They’ve been very quiet about their relationship, obviously, as Wentworth is not out of the closet.”

Things between the pair are so serious that the couple is talking about moving in together, causing this to be even juicier than a possible Kate Middleton /Prince William make up.

“They spend a lot of time at each other’s houses,” says the insider. “Wentworth has been pretty reclusive since he’s become famous and he’s been even more of a shut-in since he started dating Luke.”

Awww, that’s sort of sweet. We wish these two nothing but the best if they are, in fact, an item. It’s about time gay people other than Rosie O’Donnell were in the news.

This is important if only from the standpoint that--at least from observation and research--Wentworth Miller cuts a very positive and intelligent figure. It is also noteworthy that yet again someone is being exposed rather than exposing himself. It is understandable that a person would want to keep a private life exactly that. Still given the times and the time of year a well orchestrated exposition could very well help himself and others. Therefore, not only is the de-briefing called for of this talented and handsome actor, especially if he one of the brethren, but also he should now above all expose himself.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Gay Man Who Has Arrived and Speaks His Mind

It's been quite a gay Monday with Wentworth and Luke and Andrew Sullivan making an idiot out of himself once again regarding HIV/AIDS. It is, therefore, imperative to make evident someone like Jon Robin Baits who concluded his essay on Hillary Clinton on The Huffington Post with this:

Anyway, long story short - For the first part of my creative life, twenty years, I was a playwright in New York, and now for a while at least, I make TV in LA. I worry about stuff out here in the moneyed, sun-drenched, smog-burned capitol of infotainment; I worry about glibness and one-issue voters with bucks and platforms, and the disconnect between here and the rest of the country, and I worry about how complicit I am. I was rude. But I was looking for the authentic, the real, and the righteous. And all I saw was the peeved. I gave as much money as I could to the thing. I suppose if this election plays out the way I think it may, she could get my vote. But I don't think she'll ever make my heart sing. Is such a thing even possible now?

He was responding to Hillary's scripted response at a political fundraiser. Go here to read all of it.

Jon Robin Baitz is one of those people that makes the gay planet better in his intellect, creativity and perception. Now that's liberating one's persona.

Sally Field concurs:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Song of the Week: Born This Way

This Dusty Springfield single was released on June 25, 1990 in the United Kingdom one day prior to the 21st anniversary of Stonewall. It was during her Pet Shop Boys phase and about four years before she was to have another rebirth via Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction's use of "Son of A Preacher Man." By this time, it was well known that the British pop star and perennial blue eyed soul favourite was a daughter of Sappho. She has been featured often in the posts of this web log . Dusty is one of those gay personalities that has entered the movement's martyrology not because she was by any means an activist, but because she struggled with her sexuality for most of her adult life. Still she made no attempt to have a merkin and was not once remotely publicly connected to a man. She was also well known for her gay male following and because of their presence at her Royal Albert Hall concert in 1979, she declared, "Glad to see that the royalty wasn't confined to the box," referring to the royal box where Princess Margaret was seated. (Dusty had to apologize.) Dusty wasn't perfect, but she related to her sexuality much the same way many gay people do--beneath the weight of her cultural upbringing. This song puts a lot of she (and others) went through into perspective. Homosexuality is a fact of life.

Also, noteworthy about this recording is Dan Hartman's vocal along with Dusty's. Dan died from a brain tumor that was caused by complications from AIDS in 1994 the same year Dusty was diagnosed with breast cancer which eventually took her life in 1999. Hartman's homosexuality was not revealed until his death, but he, too, has a musical legacy. With OUT magazine's recent revelation of people living in the glass closet, it is remembered that La Springfield resided there for decades. As another Stonewall anniversary approaches, it is good to shed a light on the closet door, glass and otherwise, with the hope that it opens wide.

Some people know what they wanna be
Some people see what they wanna see
Everyday needs some kind of dream
But the complexities of life escape to an ideal scene, yeah
People try to tell you how to live your life
Let the blind lead the blind
Well, that’s all right
So make up your mind
The fool or the wise
There are things in this life
Which you can’t compromise
Break away
And take the time to know your mind
And leave it all behind you
And say
That’s the way I am
Yeah - I was born this way
Can’t you see it in my eyes
Yeah, yeah, yeah

(written by geoffrey williams and simon stirling)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Beefcake: A Blast From the Past

Last year on this weekend the photo for this feature came from late gay photographer Bill Costa who lived in New York City and whose photographic art used the black and white format often using young men who were not professional models. On New York's Gay Pride Weekend here again is published last year's post but with more photography from the very good and very kind Bill Costa.

There is usually much activity in the CoL offices on Saturday, most of it has to do with the image that is to be stolen from the internet. Today the discussion around that was minimal because a stock image from the late photographer, Bill Costa's files was used.

It was the choice of a recipe that caused most problems. Ms. Bernice kept going on about pulled pork and we weren't sure if she was speaking about a recipe. Anyway, Bernice would not sit still because she's getting ready to go a Gay Pride barbecue in Manhattan thinking that Charles Busch & Jason Priestly were going to be there. Well, first of all that was Monday and it wasn't Jason Priestly, but Pookie didn't have time to set her straight. He kept going on about tossed salads and eggbeaters; and he is much too busy taking care of Timothy Adams and Michael Lombardi, well not exactly them, but their new sites. Nurse Betty's calming influence was nowhere to be found. She couldn't be convinced that other than Maple Syrup & that so called bacon Canadian cuisine didn't have much to offer.

Outside cooking and get-togethers are the order of the day, and it does seem the subject of Mr. Costa's photograph is waiting for something or someone to arrive. A side dish perhaps? As Bernice whizzed out the door in her usual flurry, she was heard to exclaim: "Stuff it, Bozo."

Inspiration from none other than our Manhattan correspondent. Here is a recipe for stuffed Summer Squash. It is based on Nadia Battini's of Liguria which came via cookbook author, Anissa Helou.

Zucchine Ripiene

8 small summer squash
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
One medium onion, chopped finely
One small fennel, chopped finely
One small carrot, chopped finely
Fresh Basil and Fresh Parsley
Egg, one beaten
Grated Parmigiano or Romano
Minced ham, or Canadian Bacon (ok, Nurse Betty? Still it's optional) You can also use grilled sweet bell peppper in its place
Small Potato, cooked and mashed
salt and pepper

1. The onion, fennel and carrot are to be cooked in a covered pan in the olive oil for about 8 minutes and then add a bit of both the parsley and basil for about two more.
2. Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl, add the rest of the ingredients except the breadcrumbs. Salt & Pepper.
3. The squash is cut lengthwise and steamed.
4. Scoop out the centers.
5. The innards of the squash are to be mixed with the stuffing in the mixing bowl and placed in the shells of the squash.
6. These are to be baked in a preheated oven @ 350F in a well oiled baking dish for about 20 minutes which should bring them to a golden and crispy disposition.
7. Prepare well in advance because they are to be served at room temperature.

This is a great side dish for backyard parties and barbecues. Well, if you are either going to eat a side dish or even be one, there's nothing wrong at all with stuffing it. Just ask Bernice.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Eventful Fridays: Part II

Mark de Solla Price on
Pride, Diversity and Assimilation

Community Church of New York
Unitarian Universalist
40 E 35 th Street
[between Park & Madison]
New York, NY 10016

Sunday June 24, 2007 11:00 am

This Sunday, June 24, 2007, in celebration of Gay Pride Sunday in New York, Mark de Solla Price will be speaking on "Pride, Diversity and Assimilation" looking at the importance of celebrating our differences and embracing our similarity as one community.

As those of you who have been following along Mark's medical treatments will understand, this is his one and only live personal speaking appearance in 2007 (my year on Pegasys/Ribavirin) but Mark's speech will be simultaneously published on Mark's HIV Blog Blog at blogs.poz.com/mark

But if you're not there live, you miss all the fun and terrific performances (by Jonathan Long with Gerald Brown, musical director)

“I Am What I Am” from “La Cage aux Folles” Music & Lyrics: Jerry Herman (1933-)
“Before The Parade Passes By" from “Hello, Dolly!” Music & Lyrics: Jerry Herman (1933 -)
"Don't Fence Me In" from “Hollywood Canteen 1943” Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter (1891 –1964)

Hope to see you there!

-- Mark

The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist, founded in 1825, seeks - "to grow as a caring, justice making, anti-racist, diverse, spiritual community." Worship services are held every Sunday morning at 11:00 A.M at 40 East 35th Street. Recordings of worship services are broadcast on WQXR 96.3 FM on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of the month at 8:30 A.M, and on Manhattan's cable MNN Cable Channel 57 every Sunday at 8:30 P.M.

In addition to welcoming Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Tansgender, people into our religious community, the Unitarian Universalist Association of which we are a member congregation, also works to protect the civil and legal rights of BGLT people and families across the country. Unitarian Universalists have been at the forefront of the same-sex marriage debates, advocating for the right for each person to marry the partner of his or her choice.


Eventful Fridays: Part I

An event in a manner of speaking

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gay Thursdays at Column of Life

Ordinarily this spot would belong to a newsworthy event. Jeff Jenest, on the other hand, is what Gay Liberation is all about in the United States' version of liberation: you want a rugged individual who takes his life in his own hands? Here you go: Jeff Jenest

How Jeffrey Jenest, HIV positive for more than 20 years and openly gay, found his niche amid the relentlessly straight, sometimes triple-X world of Playboy’s entertainment division

Go here

Here Comes the Sun King: Happy Solstice

This is a magical time of year. This is the time of year to manifest divine gracious gifts, most of which are the great people in our lives. It is magical because it is that time to shed the light on who we are. It is when we enthrone the Sun God, the symbol and the manifestation of self, in Latin, ego which also means "I".

The longest hours of daylight accentuate the virtue of loving one's self. Here comes the Sun King.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AIDS Walk Los Angeles: Fund Raising

Some things simply can not be helped. Fund raising is addictive and it is one of those addictions that is ultimately satisfying, especially when awareness is involved. It is an addiction that is happily shared with a goodly number of people. AIDS Walk New York and the fundraising event at New York City's Prohibition was satisfying to the tune of $8790.00. When good things like that happen for the second year in a row here on the East Coast, it's only logical that the good results be attempted on the West Coast. First things first:

The initial auctions for this drive are now listed on EBay: Chris Isaak Memorabilia and a DVD autographed by the cast of OZ donated from a personal collection

Also, look forward to an event hosted by The Abbey of West Hollywood to take place on October 18, 2007 starring good friend to this site and Log: Ilene Kristen of One Life to Live among other noteworthy personalities.

Of course, here's the donor page

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Tuesday De-Briefing: Jason Cameron

From his website:

A native of Toledo, Ohio, Jason is an outdoorsman and sportsman. He attended Northern Michigan University, and worked as a carpenter part-time during school. He also is certified as a personal trainer, specializing in strength and conditioning.
Jason moved to New York to pursue acting in 1999, and shortly returned to carpentry and general contracting to make ends meet and utilize his skills. He also worked as a fitness model and spokesman for Men's Health Magazine. He has appeared on the pages of Maxim, GQ and Muscle Media, and on the small screen with Sex and the City, Guiding Light and All My Children.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys working out at the gym, playing volleyball and basketball, and of course, doing carpentry projects for his apartment.

Visit his website

The ever vigilant folks over at Datalounge were asking about this young man and--why not? He is a man for many seasons if not all of them. He's almost enough to get a body to watch reality TV. Almost. Those who can should allow this multi-faceted individual to exhibit all of his finely talented facets in some high calibre acting. It is imperative: de-brief Jason Cameron!

Coming soon our very own Jason Cameron gallery among these

No More Isaiah Washington, Please

To begin with, it was a dark day when 'gay' became a noun, as in "a gay" or "the gays" and now one has to see it with a misleading headline from The New York Post's Page Six proclaiming "Gays Want Axed Isaiah Back." Jasmyne Cannick and 1200 signatures from who knows where are not tantamount to a ground swell of gay people clamouring for Washington to be reinstated. The cry of racism is foul. Had Patrick Dempsey used a racial slur against Washington or Rimes he would have been kicked to the curb. Cannick is wrong. Page Six is making something from nothing. And "gay" is not a noun. Three times wrong.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Song of the Week: Living In A Moment

Well the world just loves two lonely people
The world just loves two broken hearts
The odds were against it but baby here we are
In our own little place in our own little corner
This old cold world just got a little warmer
For the rest of my life I'm gonna hold you in my arms

And when they carve my stone all they'll need to write on it
Is once lived a man who got all he ever wanted
Tell me something who could ask for more
Then to be living in a moment you would die for

If I never get rich on what money can buy
It don't matter to me and I'll tell you why
I've got it all when I'm holding you this way
I'll live to love you I'd die to keep you
Safe inside these arms that need you
I'll be loving you with the very last breath I take


Ashes to ashes dust into dust
I'll lay beside you forever in love

Last Chorus:
And when they carve my stone all they'll need to write on it
Is once lived a man who got all he ever wanted
Tell me something who could ask for more
Then to be living in a moment
Loving every minute
Tell me something who could ask for more
Then to be living in a moment you would die for

Living in a moment
I would die for

Here's the set up, Nashville at its worst:

Kroger yanks Out and About saying it promotes ‘agenda’

By Amy Griffith (agriffith@nashvillecitypaper.com)
June 05, 2007

Nashville Kroger stores have incited the ire of readers of Out and About, a local newspaper serving the gay community, by removing the papers from distribution racks at 34 area stores.

The papers were there according to the terms of a month-old contract with DistribuTech, a national company that rents space at retail stores for free publications. Out and About had signed on to pay almost $1,800 each month for space at the Kroger stores, plus three Harris Teeter locations, through DistribuTech.

But after three weeks on the rack, the papers were pulled, and Out and About’s publisher, Jerry Jones, was told by local DistribuTech general manager Rob Taylor that the contract is under review at the request of Kroger.

On Monday, Kroger spokesperson Melissa Eads said in a statement that the papers were removed in accordance with a company policy of not offering publications that serve political or other agendas.

“We have had a long-standing policy in place that prohibits the third-party from distributing publications that promote political, religious or other specific agendas,” Eads said. “Kroger strives to be a store for the entire community and that necessitates remaining neutral on many issues. We think this is a fair approach to everyone.”

Kim Council, the media consultant who worked with Out and About's to secure the contract, said Kroger had opportunities to review the publication before the contract was in place.

“We had a signed contract, and DistribuTech delivered the paper,” Council said. “It was done according to DistribuTech’s [protocols].”

The contract charges O&A $1,720.50 each month, to be paid to DistribuTech, for rack space at 34 Kroger stores and three Harris Teeters. Though O&A management are aware of no complaints from Harris Teeter management about the papers, DistribuTech is re-evaluating the entire contract after Kroger’s complaint, Jones said.

All free publications distributed at Kroger stores must work through DistribuTech, Council said. DistribuTech has contracts with more than 60,000 retail locations and 2,000 publications nationwide, according to company information. The deal between O&A and DistribuTech took six to eight months to broker, Council said.

DistribuTech officials declined to comment Monday.

The deal with Kroger meant a revision in strategy for O&A, Jones said. The publication ceased its policy of mailing free newspapers, believing that working with Kroger stores would be a better way to reach all its readers.

“It really helped mainstream our publication,” Jones said. “Everybody goes grocery shopping.”

Also at issue, O&A managers say, is the fact that they consider the paper to be a community publication. Each issue has a news focus, and unlike other free publications distributed at locations including Kroger stores, Out and About has a policy against sex-related ads.

“We’re the newspaper of record for the gay community here,” said Brent Meredith, editor-in-chief of the paper. “Our agenda is to provide the news for our community.”

Jones believes Kroger’s stated policy to be inconsistent with the corporation. Atlanta-based publication The Southern Voice is distributed at Kroger stores in that area, he said. Kroger stores are part of the wholly owned Kroger Co., based in Cincinnati.

O&A nets about 80,000-100,000 readers per month, including physical papers and online readers, Meredith said. The brand also has exposure through Out and About Today, which airs several times each month on Channel 5 Plus.

Ty Herndon spent many years in Nashville nurturing his career. Tyrone was born and raised in the deep South, he is possessed with sensually good looks and perfect pitch. He came up through Star Search around the same time that both Rosie McDonnell and Sam Harris did.

From Wikipedia [a very good entry re: Tyrone]:

In early 1995, Herndon's debut single was released. "What Mattered Most" went to #1 on the Billboard Country chart. The album of the same name was released in April of 1995 and became a top 10 country album. His follow-up single, "I Want My Goodbye Back", peaked at #7. He won the Best New Artist Award at the 1995 Country Radio Music Awards and received various other nominations throughout the year. Herndon's popularity was soaring.

Fort Worth scandal:

In July 1995, just as his success was peaking, he was arrested in Fort Worth, Texas at Gateway Park by an undercover male police officer who alleged that Herndon was soliciting sex.[1][2] It was reported that Herndon exposed himself in front of the officer. Herndon professed to be "taking a leak". When taken into custody, Herndon was discovered to also be in possession of 2.49 grams of methamphetamine. A plea-bargain saw Herndon sentenced to community service and drug rehab, and the charge of indecent exposure was dropped.[3] The scandal proved not to affect his career for very long.

Continued Success:

Herndon's sophomore album, Living In A Moment, debuted at #6 on the Billboard Country albums chart. The title track and first single was another smash hit, reaching #1 on the country chart. Herndon scored three more hit singles from Living In A Moment before releasing his third album, Big Hopes. The debut single, "A Man Holdin On (To A Woman Lettin' Go)" reached Top 5; follow-up single "It Must Be Love" (featuring Sons of the Desert) gave Herndon his third #1, and the third single "Hands of a Working Man" was Ty's last Top 5.

Column's Take:

Herndon's career has seen better days, but it looks like he is keeping on. When the scandal broke in Nashville one of the reasons his career didn't crash and burn is that both he and his label (Sony/Epic) fudged the issue of his sexuality in spite of someone's diabolical faxing of the police report to every business even remotely connected to Nashville's Music Row, e.g. Tower Records. His fan club event shortly thereafter at the now defunct locale, Nashville Country Club, featured his faux wife, his singing "The Old Rugged Cross" (his grandmother's favourite hymn) and Wynonna Judd (fer chrissakes) stopping in to pray to Jesus. There was a large crowd of gay men grouped in the back. It was an eye rolling kind of situation. Tyrone eventually came around and lived in--to coin a phrase from OUT magazine--a glass closet. He shall, nevertheless, be forever the symbol of the hypocrisy that is part and parcel of Nashville. He is a good person, who was nonetheless sorely misguided on more than one level.

Ty was known both in and out of the life to be a gay man, but it has never been acknowledged by his management team nor by him publicly. Of course, he is not the only one. There are, most assuredly, much more. Fortunately, he no longer has the faux wife, at least. The Glass Closet.

The Kroger Affair is indicative of how silly a society like Middle Tennessee's can be pretending as if homosexuality does not exist. Homosexuality has been here since before Jesus was born and the advent of Xtianity. Homosexuality will be here well after it's gone. There is no need for an agenda. The only need is biology.

This is Gay Pride Week and the thirtieth anniversary of Anita Bryant's silliness--get real, people.