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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Matt Walton and the Coen Brothers

Matt Walton is one of those journeyman actors that you know you know because he does many commercials--something that is very good for him and not so bad for us. What is very good is that he will be in the new Coen Brothers film soon to be shot here in Gotham the comedy Burn After Reading "about a CIA agent who is currently in the process of writing a book loses the disc containing his only manuscript in this comedic tale of espionage that reunites filmmaking duo Joel and Ethan Coen with Intolerable Cruelty and O, Brother, Where Art Thou? star George Clooney." ~ [Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide]--also starring Frances Dormand, John Malkovitch and Brad Fucking Pitt. It's very easy to be happy for Matt, a very talented actor and an all around good guy. Therefore, be happy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Muscle Chef Update

For your enjoyment a recipe from his other cooking site: Muscle Chef and for the visual senses photos from a 2005 photo shoot from Ryan Boyd Photography

Lemon Basmati Rice
[4 Servings]
• 2 cups basmati rice
• 3 cups low-sodium vegetable stock
• 1 lemon peel
• 2 cloves
• 2 bay leaves
• 1 clove garlic
• 1/2 teaspoons white pepper
1. Combine all ingredients in an 2 quart pot. Bring to a boil. Cover
pot and simmer for 30 minutes until rice is tender.

2. Remove cloves, lemon peel, bay and garlic. Serve rice warm.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Tuesday De-Briefing: Hail to the Chef

The internet is a vast sea of information – all kinds of information – most of it is valuable. Some times searching can bring to the fore an interesting individual. Dave Nathan is a discovery that is very apropos to this site and log and just when we needed a subject for our weekly de-briefing. The Seattle native and current denizen of Portland, Oregon is a physique expert, gourmet chef and print model. He can cook! All the more reason to de-brief him! Food Network, are you paying attention?

Here are two links – his official site and his cooking site.

This is a man who knows how to satisfy just about every one of the senses.

Dave has appeared in:
American Health and Fitness
Excercise and Health
Men's Workout
Playgirl - centerfold
Excercise for Men Only
Bison World
Bend Living Magazine

Dave has competed and won:
'96 Northwest Natural Second place novice heavy weight
'96 Washington Ironman Fourth place open heavyweight
'02 Bill Pearl Classic Second place super heavy weight
'02 Oregon Ironman overall champion
'02 Northwest Natural overall champion
'03 Oregon Ironman overall champion
'03 Northwest Natural First place open heavyweight
'03 Emerald Cup First place open super heavyweight
'03 Northern Pacific championships Second place open super heavy weight
'04 Emerald Cup third place open super heavy weight

Monday, May 28, 2007

Peace and Blessed Be!

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) -- Since Korean War veteran Jerome Birnbaum died in 2005, his grave in a pagan cemetery had been marked with only a pile of stones and U.S. flags.
On Memorial Day, Birnbaum's grave and those of other military veterans will be dedicated with government-issued markers etched with a symbol of their religion -- the Wiccan pentacle.
Wiccans sued the government last year, arguing that it was unduly stalling a decision on whether to add the pentacle to the list of acceptable symbols for veterans' graves.
A settlement between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Wiccans added the five-pointed star to the list of "emblems of belief."

Go here for the rest. [from Associated Press via CNN]

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Redux

Death is a fact of life and it comes to everyone. War brings death but it is not inevitable. Today's remembrance is for the fallen.

While there have been such things as a righteous war of self-defense there is no such thing as a good war.

There can be on the other hand a peaceful death and it is the best anyone can hope for. It's been said that fear of death is tantamount to fear of living and living necessitates being surrounded by loving friends and relatives. The sadness of those left behind has no equal and it forever changes their lives. A creative life full of dear people enables final peace for the departed and in some way eventually for the intimates within that life. Grieving is that process that helps the living to go on after the departure of a loved one even without any revelation as to the meaning of life. It is part of embracing what is.

Death by war necessitates fear and turmoil. Support of the soldiers means that we want them to come home to their loving friends and relatives. We want their good intentions to protect them. We hope that there will never again be unknown soldiers and that the final peace will be as such for everyone.

Song of the Week: John Mayall

Sensitive Kind (J.J. Cale)

Don't take her for granted,

She's had a hard time,
Don't misunderstand her,
Or play with her mind.

Treat her so gently,
It will pay you in time,
Fm -C7
'Cause you gotta know,
She's the sensitive kind.

Tell her you love her,
Each and every night,
You will discover,
She will treat you right.

If you'll believe,
I know you will find,
There ain't nothing like,
The sensitive kind.

Guitar Solo

She get's so lonely,
Waiting for you,
You are the only,
Thing that'll help her through.

Don't take her for granted,
She's having a hard time,
You gotta know,
She's the sensitive kind

If you'll believe,
I know you will find,
There ain't nothing like,
The sensitive kind.

Main Entry: 1sen·si·tive
Pronunciation: 'sen(t)-s&-tiv, 'sen(t)s-t&v
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin sensitivus, probably alteration of sensativus, from sensatus sensate
2 a : receptive to sense impressions b : capable of being stimulated or excited by external agents (as light, gravity, or contact)
3 : highly responsive or susceptible: as a (1) : easily hurt or damaged; especially : easily hurt emotionally (2) : delicately aware of the attitudes and feelings of others b : excessively or abnormally susceptible : HYPERSENSITIVE c : readily fluctuating in price or demand d : capable of indicating minute differences : DELICATE e : readily affected or changed by various agents (as light or mechanical shock)
- sen·si·tive·ly adverb
- sen·si·tive·ness noun

Great song that might be sung by a man changing the third person feminine to the first person masculine.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Beefcake: Lasagne Con Melanzane e Zucchine

This weekend, in the minds of most, is the unofficial start of summer. Therefore, an Italian dish utilizing two summer vegetables -- eggplant and squash -- is this week's presentation along with a young man named Jason who comes from Lewis Payton Photography via the pages of DNA #88.

Fresh Lasagne 200 grams
Eggplant, two long
Summer Squash or Zucchine, four
Scamorza Affumicata (Smoked Mozzarella) 400 grams
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 30 grams
Caraway Seed, two teaspoons
Vegetable Broth, a cup and half
Sweet Butter, 50 grams
Flour about 50 grams
Sea Salt, Freshly Ground Pepper
Extra butter for the baking dish
Oven preheated 350F

1. Cut the squash and eggplant lengthwise, salt them and let them "rest" over paper towels for about thirty minutes.
2. Cut half of the scamorza into small cubes and the other half into slices.
3. In a bowl place the cheese cubes with chopped parsley, the white part of the scalion -- all chopped very finely and then mixed with the caraway.
4. Delicately dry the vegetables and saute them in a skillet with about 20 grams of the olive oil
5. Place them on a platter and distribute on each some of the cheese mixture and roll them up.
6. Cook the fresh lasagne 2-3 rectangles at a time in boiling water -- very important that they are al dente -- put them aside to cool off.
7. Melt the butter in a casserole, add the flour and let ti bronw slightly and then add the broth a littel at a time, stirring constantly until it thickens.
8. Salt and Pepper to taste with a few gratings of nutmeg.
9. Arrange the rectangles of lasagne in a buttered baking dish and then spread the sauce over them.
10. Then arrange half the vegetables over them.
11. Then spread another layer of the sauce and then cover it with one third of the scamorza slices and then add another layer of pasta.
12. Then another layer of the vegetable rolls and then more sauce and another third of the sliced cheese.
13. Finally another layer of pasta and then cover with the remaining slices of cheese.
14. Bake for fifteen minutes. Serve room temperature.

Okay, okay -- so this may be too much time to spend in a hot kitchen during the summer months. Get it ready the night before while the sun sleeps. When Jason (or someone like him) arrives for this summer repast, it would be best to be calm, cool and collected. A chilled bottle of Ciavolich "Pecorino" would do well to accompany this dish, a wonderful first course. Preparing good food for the likes of Jason (or someone like him) would make the work put into it all worth it.

Jason was photographed in Sydney, Australia where pleasant weather all year long makes people like Jason -- and if DNA is any indication, there are more than a few -- well worth many endeavours.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Who knew?

"What you look for in a leader is someone who will welcome and treat with respect people who made different choices and have different beliefs in their lives and have differences. I have nothing but respect and feelings of tolerance for people with differences from myself and feel that way with regards to those who are gay...I oppose discrimination against gay people. I am not anti-gay. I know there are some Republicans, or some people in the country who are looking for someone who is anti-gay and that's not me." -- Mitt Romney

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Class Act

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ilene Kristen

Friendship is probably the best human relationship available and when it happens, it is a true blessing. And friendship does that, i.e. it just happens, usually because there are individuals who know how to do it well. Loyalty pays a big part in it. Couple that quality with the heart of a journeyman actor and singer who finds true expression in work and you have Ilene Kristen.

Ilene was the first in both fundraising events that POZ team promoted at Prohibition to offer her time and talent. This year more was asked of her when the band was stranded due to inclement weather and she herself was under the weather. She carried on and was the driving force behind the event.

She's been around the block more than once, but she brings the enthusiasm of a neophyte to her work. It's been said before in this Web Log, but it bears repeating: To Know Her is To Love Her

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Tuesday De-Briefing: Reed and Bates

Take some DH Lawrence add a little Ken Russell with a large dose of both Oliver Reed and Alan Bates and you get a classic homoerotic scene, which prompted many to retitle the film, "Men in Love."

This is what the de-briefing is all about and it took place over three decades ago. There's a lot here and it bears acknowledgment.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kelli Giddish

Within the confines of Daytime TV there are hidden gems, jewels of the human race that are there for the discovery. When Kelli Giddish showed up at the AIDS Walk Fundraiser last Wednesday it brought a smile to many a face. What sets Ms Giddish apart among her contemporaries is not only a delicate beauty worthy of Hollywoodland's Golden Age but also a quality that indicates inner strength of a young woman who seems to know what she is about.

She recently acted along with Ilene Kristen, Kim Zimmer, Julia Barr and Bobbie Eakes in Laugh Lines; was recently a guest on Law & Order: SVU and also stars on an Internet sitcom: www.theburg.tv. All My Children's Di Henry is simply one of the things she does well.

She graced Prohibition with her presence, making it ever so slightly a classier place. There are those people who don't need to be cajoled to join in and Kelli's one of them -- the sweetest peach from Cummings, Georgia flourishing in Gotham.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Song of the Week: Patchwork Quilt -- Sweet Honey in the Rock

Patchwork Quilt
(Michelle Lanchester)

They unfolded your lives one by one.
They laid out your patchwork under the sun,
And people gathered from miles around
To witness your quilt spread on the ground.

And then they called out your names.
And then they called out your names.
And then they called out your names.
Oh, and you will live forever.
You know that I'll be loving you just like a patchwork quilt.

Well, there were men and women, mothers and fathers,
Sisters and brothers, daughters and sons,
And children and babies, and lovers and friends,
They all lay before me sewn into one.
And then they called out your names.
And then they called out your names.
And then they called out your names.
Oh, and you will live forever.
You know that I'll be loving you just like a patchwork quilt.

Your lives had meaning. Your lives had joy.
You touched so many people, many more than you will know.
And you wrapped yourselves around me
As I walked down these rows.
You're letting me feel your beautiful souls.
I feel the warmth of your lives.
I feel the warmth of your lives.
Oh, and you will live forever.
You know that I'll be loving you just like a patchwork quilt.

My heart spills over, flowing with tears.
I cry for your suffering and for your shortened years.
And I'll take you with me as I walk away,
Remembering you who have died with AIDS.

Yes, I remember your names.
Yes, I remember your names.
Oh, and you will live forever.
You know that I'll be loving you
Just like a patchwork quilt.
I'll be loving you like a patchwork quilt ...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Beefcake: Reprise

Tomorrow is the New York AIDS Walk. These fine young men walk on as well. Reminding us, in a way, that survivors are those who have taken charge of their lives in all walks of life.

And this week's primo piatto before that multiple course entree is a version of the Italian classic named for whores. Not a big stretch.

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

400 grams of Spaghetti
50 grams of sliced, spicy black olives
50 grams of sweet butter
4 filets of anchovy (chopped and de-spined)
2 cloves of garlic (sliced)
spoonful of capers
spoonful of parsley
200 grams of ripe tomatoes (sliced into sections)
olive oil, salt

1. saute the garlic and anchovy in a bit of oil and the butter.
2. In sequence add the capers, the olives and finally the tomatoes
3. Then let the mixture cook over low heat for 15 minutes.
4. Of course, the spaghetti has been cooking,
when it's ready marry it well with the above sughetto.
5. Garnish with the chopped parsley.

Friday, May 18, 2007

More: May 16th Fundraiser

Kind Hearts and Gentle People: Charlotte Walton, Rich Herschenfeld and Thorsten Kaye

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weathering the Storm: AIDS Walk Fundraiser

As the rains came pouring down, Thorsten Kaye's fans lined up to get into Prohibition one hour and a half before the doors opened to let them in to POZ team's Second annual fundraiser last evening. Unfortunately the musicians travelling via air didn't make it. The gathering went on anyway and over three thousand dollars were raised for the New York AIDS Walk this coming Sunday.

Ilene Kristen, Ken Lundie and Jonathan Hare provided entertainment. Thorsten Kaye, Brian Gaskill, Mark Dobies, Matt Walton, Jeff Branson, Kelli Giddish, Melissa Claire Egan, Chrishell Staus, Brandon Buddy, Chase Coleman, BethAnn Bonner and Bree Williamson provided other inspiration, while POZ Editor-in-Chief Regan Hofmann addressed all in attendance re: the importance of AIDS awareness today. Much thanks to all who helped make this an evening to remember.

go here for more

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today's the Day: Come on Out

Rich and Ian of Prohibition have generously set aside some time for us and those who would come out to support us in this important effort. There will be a $25.00 donation at the door and a two drink minimum for the soiree which will include entertainment from Michael Clay, Ilene Kristen and Ken Lundie with appearances from some well known people from around town, Thorsten Kaye, Jeff Branson, BethAnn Bonner, Matt Walton, Mark Dobies, Melissa Claire Egan, Brian Gaskill, Jonathan Hare, Nathaniel Marston, Alicia Minshew, Chrishell Stause, Aiden Turner and, with the blessings of the television gods, a star or two from Prime Time

For more information about the evening contact:

This effort has been a labour of love for all involved. The staff of Smart & Strong and POZ magazine would like nothing more than to make their mark contributing to New York’s most significant fund raising event which helps to make life productive for the HIV+ and people living with AIDS. This is that annual event where we can make ourselves heard, when we can love out loud.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Tuesday De-Briefing: Chris Meloni

Meloni is the king of de-briefing starting with a scene on The Fanelli Boys an early short-lived sitcom of his where his character literally takes his clothes off until most recently on Law & Order: SVU where fans were treated to a glimpse of what is certainly the most attractive derriere on prime time. OZ fans were treated to much more than that. He reinvented the man on man kiss with his co-stars Lee Tergesen and Brian Bloom which had male and female fans alike glued to their TV sets among other things.

The man has big ones. He is also there for so many right things that it puts a different spin on our coined interpretation of de-briefing. Christopher is a master at lending a helping hand when it counts. The way this man handled losing his best friend on September 11, 2001 was by participating in many firefighter benefits. He is supportive of the MS Walk. He addressed the AIDS Walk in 2001 and continues to help efforts in these parts to raise money. He has HIV+ friends and last year was acknowledged by the Human Rights Coalition for obvious reasons. The man has big ones. There is much gratitude that for well over a decade producers, directors and the like have put this worthy individual to work much to the delight of his fierce fans who never seem to get enough. The man has big ones.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Super People

Like it or not, naysayers, Soap Operas are a genre, an art form. The once derogatory term has been acceptable for quite some time now, but it actually refers to a continuing story. Soap operas are at their best when they focus on relationships, be they couples, families, friendships, antagonisms or work. Although the genre has hit dire straits it remains a staple of the love in the afternoon crowd and is still allegedly remaining character driven, although there are strong arguments against that. What drives a good Soap is the network involving the above relationships.

A pivotal classic relationship in this network is what has been deemed the
"Super Couple" -- no matter what is cooked up in the backrooms, a Super Couple cannot be manufactured or forced, it simply happens. True Super Couples are few and far between. Erica Kane on All My Children has had memorable couplings but has not really been part of one. The character itself is too Super. Greg and Jenny early on were a prototype from that very show, which was before the Superest Couple of all, Luke & Laura -- the one that reinvented the genre and brought it to the forefront of public awareness.

A good Super Couple is something that happens almost without fanfare. There have been recent obvious failed attempts: Tad & Krystal (AMC), John & Natalie (OLTL); missed opportunities: Sam & Lily (AMC), Max & Roxanne (OLTL); flubbed stories: Al & Marcie (OLTL) but there is one that seems to be blossoming because the actors involved have risen to the occasion and above the writing: Kendall and Zach on All My Children. There are other great actors on the show, still the couple that gets the juices going is the one portrayed by Thorsten Kaye & Alicia Minshew. Here's hoping that the powers that be don't drop the ball on this one.

The above was written about a year ago and graced these pages. It merits a reprint because of the fans that have blossomed around these two from the Zach and Kendall Message Board. The fans oif the genre are very loyal and who remain in these dire times of ratings paucity are the truly loyal. Alicia Minshew and Thorsten Kaye have brought out the best in their fans who have come up with a generous donation to the New York AIDS Walk for the POZ team effort. These thoroughly generous and good hearted people will be graciously thanked by Mr. Kaye and Ms. Minshew come Wednesday May 16th.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Song of the Week: Love Out Loud

Once again Michael Clay's capo lavoro "Love Out Loud" as the song of the week. "It's time to free the voice inside me" is an important part of the lyric. The song is also the theme of POZ's effort to raise funds for AIDS Walk New York. Please bear in mind this Mother's Day that the effort takes once agan this year at Prohibition this coming Wednesday. Check it out.

Dennis Daniel's reminiscence from POZ magazine is included. go here for POZ. Also, you have a portrait of an HIV+ mother and child. In these parts much is made of frivolous things, hot men, television shows and soap operas. If somehow all that frivolity can be brought together to make the world a better place -- hey, what the hell.

"Love Out Loud "

I was born with bugle horns and trumpets in my heart

Mandolins, and accordions and voices in three parts

Pounding drums, guitar strums and choirs singing out

I was Born to Love Out Loud

…words and music by Michael Clay

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Beefcake: Sweet Peppers and Rice

[Peppers] Different colours denote different flavours. so across the colour spectrum bell peppers have little in common with one another besides their shape. Yellow Peppers are mild and sweet. Orange peppers are sweet with a pungent finish, and red are the reverse. Green bell peppers are so strong that you should use them only when you really want their distinctive flavour, because they will dominate the dish.

The best peppers of any colour are firm, with a natural sheen (ask whether they've been waxed) Check for soft spots around the stem, where decay often begins.

Peak season for peppers is summer, although good peppers (mostly imported) are available throughout the year.

To store peppers, refrigerate them in a paper bag in the crisper section for up to ten days.

(from Diana Shaw in Almost Vegetarian)

Peppers are very rich in Vitamin C and low in both calories and carbohydrates.

Peperoni Ripieni alla Piemontese

(Margaret and G. Franco Romagnoli)

This is a recipe for baked peppers stuffed with rice.

Sweet Peppers, six large
Arborio Rice, one and a half cups
Sea Salt, one and a half teaspoons
Parsley, half cup chopped
Garlic cloves, three
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, half cup
Anchovy fillets, three
Capers, one tablespoon
Olives, three
Unsalted butter, one tablespoon
Oven, preheated 325F

1. Cut the peppers in half lengthwise, remove the seeds and stems
2. Blanch the shells in boiling salted water for 5 minutes
3. Cook the rice in salted boiling water for ten minutes and drain
4. Chop the parsley and garlic together until nearly a paste. Add it with 5 tablespoons of olive oil to the still hot rice and stir well
5. Mash the anchovies into the butter and cook the mixture with the remaining olive oil until the butter has melted and the anchovies have disintegrated
6. Chop the capers and olives finely into a paste and add them to the mixture while the anchovies cook. If you eliminate the anchovies cook the capers and olives until the butter melts.
7. Fill the pepper halves with the rice mixture and place them snugly in a casserole
8. Spoon a bit of the olive oil/butter mixture onto each pepper
9. Put about a quarter cup of water in the bottom of the pan to keep them from sticking
10 Bake for a half hour.
11. Serve hot or cold as an antipasto or as a side dish

Speaking of side dish, the accompaniment for this week's Beefcake comes from the last issue of Blue(+66) with two young men who seem to be bringing home their own distinctive flavour -- it is hoped that they're from New York where condoms can be acquired for free.

The other one helps emphasize the season when peppers reach their peek not to mention their firmness and natural sheen. Not in the least a bad side dish at all.