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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Mark Aaron James Comes to Center City

California native, Mark Aaron James was raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. An unlikely candidate for the Nashville songwriter scene. With a strong pop-rock background in tow, Mark enrolled in Music City's reputable Vanderbilt University. MAJ soon found himself sharing the stage with Nashville's hit writers and realized, "If you don't have a song as good as the writer before and after you, then you're just filler. It really provoked me to focus on craft, along with inspiration." The results lead to co-writing with top songsmiths and his compositions being performed by everyone from Jimmy Buffet to the World Peace Choir.


The year following his critically acclaimed indie release, Mr. Wirehead, Mark was awarded "Best Local Songwriter" and "Best Up and Coming Band" in the The Nashville Scene's Reader's Poll. With the release of his second CD, Adventures With A Plastic Bag, he repeated the feat the following year. The title song from that CD went on to make the top 100 songs of the year on Nashville's WRLT Lightening 100, gained airplay on Atlanta's 99X and was added to 126 CMJ reporting stations, breaking the top ten in 12 markets. After becoming a rock singer in a town known for country music, Mark decided it was time to make New York City his base. New York's Underground Music Organization (UMO) voted him one of the "Top 14 Singer/songwriters in Greenwich Village," and featured him as the opening track on their annual CD. With the completion of his next CD, Just a Satellite, Mark's song "June 17th" was included in Lost. In 2008 Mark made his way to the UK having achieved a rare artist visa. His Live in London, Simple Ingredients CD was released in early 2010 to rave reviews soon after.  During the recording process, Mark also made his West End debut, performing with Alan Cumming in the show I Bought A Blue Car Today. Back in NYC in 2010, the new Worlds of Warcraft animated video for his song "Aquaman's Lament" on the "spiffworld" page is currently averaging 2000 hits a day on YouTube. The most recent CD project, Throwing Shapes, was released in 2012, once again garnering great reviews. While touring for the project, Mark was honored with an invitation to perform a Christmas concert at the White House in Washington D.C. A recording of that show will be released as a holiday album later this year. Center City is honored to have an original composition from this talented young man as its theme song give a listen on the official site: www.center-city.com

Check out the campaign and spread the word: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/center-city/x/489804?c=home

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