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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Center City: The Series

Director's Statement (March 25, 2019):

I'm very pleased to come on board Giovanni's project and move this unique pilot towards production.

My goal is two fold:

1) Do a dynamic staged reading in Los Angeles with a terrific, solid cast in front of a very select audience ... mostly those who may want to see it get a green light at their network or streamer as much as we do.
2) Be prepared to shoot a sequence of scenes, if that is further needed to ensure its acquisition.

I feel confident that when "Center City" is finally a show you can watch in your home, you will be proud that you helped get it there. Thank you to Dina Morrone for her narration in the trailer and thanks to all of YOU in advance, for supporting this labor of love

 Vincent Spano

 Writer / Creator's Statement:

Quality of Life ~ difficult to define and, at the very least, an elusive phrase. It comes to mind when diagnosed with a terminal disease. It is often used when someone is near the end of the journey. Living with incurable prostate cancer hasn't suppressed the incurable teenager within me-- Sometimes not so within. I can now look back on the hormonal adventures which I experienced in many places on two continents. If somewhat lacking in quality, it was a very quantitative life. There are still a couple of things I want to do ~ Now! As for the quality ...

 Giovanni Vitacolonna 
 12th & Latona Productions

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